LOOKING for: Basic jelly roll, 2 or less eggs, non-dairy

jallyMay 22, 2014

Hi, all. It's unbelievable, how there still is no decent recipe finder. I wasted hours trying these sites:

all-recipes, Google's recipe-search, IxQuick title+phrase search, good housekeeping, pinterest & more.

Is there not one recipe for a decent old-fashioned jelly-roll cake, but where less eggs would work?

(such as 2 eggs or less in a single recipe.

It's OK if I need to use parchment paper, just wanting a recipe.

Thanks! Also - the below link is an alternate example of what I just might like, if it's high volume - and basic - and chewyYummie

Since the linked recipe is unknown (not tested by me) does anyone have an easy, high-volume, even better version of this pic - that you know is chewyyummy and where there are less-eggs within the high-volume?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I think I may have finally found a recipe which suits:

apparently, the wrong search terms were used.
key words should have been spiral (or swirl)
...instead of jelly roll

That doesn't mean I'm not still open to anything foolproof that's easy, chewy, high volume & yummy

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The picture you posted is a cookie, I'll bet, not a jelly roll.
You won't get a 2 egg, high volume jelly roll unless it's a very small one. The eggs are what give it the loft.
"Chewy" and "jelly roll" should not be used in the same sentence unless you also include the word "awful".

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So sorry for the delay (I wasn't well).
It's OK, i'd finally found the below popular recipe. I'd just wanted something that would go with a certain theme of mine.

Here is a link that might be useful: raspberry swirl cookies

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