holiday gift for GC & designer?

minperkinsDecember 13, 2012

Would it be appropriate to give some kind of holiday gift to our GC and designer? It feels a little odd given that we're basically giving them all our money already! But we're in the final stages of a 9-month project and they're working their tails off (as are the subs) trying to have everything done by Christmas. We'd like to acknowledge this somehow (other than verbally, which we do), but how?

I also don't want to commit a faux pas by NOT giving a gift if that's just the done thing. I'm fairly clueless in this area...

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James L. Backman Contracting

I have just retired from 30 years in commercial construction and, in my experience, it was far more common for the GC to give the client a gift than it was for the client to give the GC a gift. In fact, I do not recall ever receiving a gift from a client. Maybe that is a reflection on me but I hope not.

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Our GC gave us a gift. This was about 1-1/2 years ago when the local building business was down and contractors were very happy to have projects to work on.

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You should receive a gift, not give one.

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You could buy the crew a nice lunch and or beer at the end of the workday on the last day they work before Christmas. I do believe that would be about it in my opinion. If the GC's super had been on site constanatly and you feel he did a good job watching everyone's back (including your's) you might give him an envelope ($) if your so inclined as well.

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