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becky_caMay 23, 2003

This is more a request for a method than a recipe. I seem to remember seeing a tower of cupcakes either in a magazine or online several months ago, and I'd like to do one for DD's graduation in June instead of a sheetcake.

Has anybody ever done this? I'm wondering how you pile up the cupcakes on the top without squishing the ones underneath - maybe you use the supports and dividers like they use with wedding cakes...?

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated :-)


Windsor, CA

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Scroll down to the pink box. They give a link for www.cupcaketree.com but the "tree" costs $39.95. I would think you could improvise with different cake stands.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cakes

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This is from the ABC news site.

Mary Bergin at 4:42pm ET
A good shortcut for a croquembuche is a mini cupcake tree. Go to any party supply store or arts and crafts store and purchase a styrofoam cone. Make a batch of cupcakes (I recommend the Double Chocolate Cupcakes on page 61 in Spago Chocolate)and let them cool. Decorate each one. Insert a toothpick halfway into the bottom of each cupcake and insert the other half into the styrofoam cone. Start at the bottom and fill up to the top. Then you can sprinkle the whole thing with sifted confectioner's sugar and it looks like a wonderful Christmas tree and it makes a great centerpiece.

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Ginger - thanks for the link. I think I'll improvise with cake stands - I have one that's oversized, and I'll either borrow, rent or buy another one in a slightly smaller size. I also have a glass footed bowl that I like to use for flower arrangements, so that might be nice for the very top.

Since we're not expecting a huge crowd, that will probably be big enough, and I can fill in the blank spots as they appear. I like the idea or using strawberries for a garnish, and grapes would probably be a nice touch, too. And if I make both white and chocolate cupcakes, everybody can pick their favorite :-)

Thanks again!

Windsor, CA

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That's a good idea. Hope it turns out well.

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A couple weeks ago, I watched Martha Stewart assemble a wedding cake, with Julia Child at her side. (I'm not a MS fan, but I do like Julia.) Martha inserted drinking straws into the bottom layer, then ran a bamboo skewer down inside each straw, for extra support. (Don't know where she got them - they were longer & thicker than the skewers I usually get). She cut off the bamboo skewer flush with the straw (with wire cutters, of course), then set the next layer on top. Maybe you could somehow improvise on that idea for cupcakes.

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Virginia- I use those heavy butcher's skewers (minus the drinking straw) for that. Butchers use the heavy skewers for pinning rolled roasts together (or you can use them for candied apple sticks). I get them from a craft store.

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