microscope slide windchime project

nmgirlDecember 3, 2008

Hey all!

I usually hang out over in the Garden Junk and Hypertufa forums but thought I should expand my horizons a bit. I cruised around a few forums and this one sounds like a lot of fun.

Some of you probably remember the little glass wind chimes that were made from microscope slides. They were from either Japan or China and usually hung with thread/string from a hoop. They often had little decals or a bit of paint on them to add some color. They were on the fragile side but had such a nice gentle sound.

I've been trying to find one and can't so I've resolved to make one. Has anyone here made one of these? I'm not sure if I want to drill a hole in the glass slides to hang them, glue the hanging thread to the slide or glue two slides together with the thread in-between. The ones I remember were always glued.

Any ideas?

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I have never seen these before. I tried to google the chimes and nothing like that came up. Do you have a picture?

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I remember them from few yrs back. They had a little flower or decal on each slide. The slides hung down in a circle & made a very 'light' tinkle sound. Guy in S.F. had about 300 & I really liked those. Don't remember seeing them in stores tho. Jan

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They made one on the Carol Duvall show using the slides and wire. It was show CDS-1414 and they called them Glass Transfer & Wire Moviles.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glass Transfer & Wire Mobiles

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