Cover for pots of paperwhites

gmp3December 7, 2012

I have some paperwhites I started for a fundraiser. The containers they are in are terracotta pots, any suggestions for covering the pots to make them more attractive? I'm looking for something pretty inexpensive.

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I wasn't sure what paperwhites were. Had to do a search to find out they are flowers. When I read that the containers were terra cotta pots, I should have figured that one How big are the pots and how many? What about foil gift wrapping paper? That is what I would try.

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I would just take two squares of nylon netting, turn them a bit and gather just around the top of the pot and tie with a pretty bow...

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Terracotta pots are my favorites, and since Paperwhites usually droop, I tie a lovely ribbon and bow to hold them together. That may be enough decoration for you.

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