grandma_bonnieDecember 2, 2007

I( tried responding to your e-mail,but it was returned. First - the pictures of the potato bag and the neck coolery are in the gallery. That's located at the top of this forum in purple and here is the rest of my response to you

The neck cooler is soaked in water for about 40 minutes and it will keep you cool for the rest of the day. I live in central CA where it get into the 100s so we really use these alot. The potato bag is used in the microwave to cook your potatoes... It leaves the skin tender and the inside is not as moist so it normally is in the microwave

tastes more like a potato cooked in the oven... Does that make sense???

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Oh, great! Thanks a bunch! Appreciate that. I'll need to check and see what's wrong with my E-mail. A friend of mine makes A Potato bag for "Couch Potatoes", which is made from Polar Fleece and fits various people.

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