LOOKING for: ....'Primrose Cream'.........(an old dessert recipe

taramMay 8, 2007

Hi, I was chatting with my Mum yesterday and she told me that when she was young, my Grandma used to make a dessert named "Primrose Cream". She's unable to recall how it was made other than the fact that it contained a tin of evaporated milk (and maybe but not for certain, jelly, amongst other ingredients) and that it was very creamy and delicious!

I'm wondering whether anybody here may have heard of it.. (I've searched the web and am unable to find this dessert or recipe)..my Mum would love to have a go at making it!

Thanks for reading :-)

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By jelly do you mean flavored gelatin like Jello or do you mean jelly as in strawberry jelly/jam. I found this cached from www.redmondfamily.com & I think they're talking about a package of strawberry Jello in this recipe:

Strawberry Fluff
1 strawberry jelly
1 cup evaporated milk
Make 1 strawberry jelly using only half the usual amount of water. Allow to cool and nearly set.

Whip 1 cup icy cold unsweetened evaporated milk until thick.

When jelly is just setting combine whipped milk with jelly, and whip until thick.

Pour into serving dish and leave to set in fridge. Serve with fruit.

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I see you're in the UK so I assume you mean gelatine.

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Check out this one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orange milk jelly

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ginger st thomas ~ THANKS SO MUCH for your replies here!!:o) Also thanks very much for taking the time to search another site too for me!:-) I'll take these over to my Mum's this weekend, they sound yummy and we'll try them and she can let me know if this seems like the sort of thing (it certainly sounds like it!) and if it still tastes the same way that it did when she was young!=O)

Many thanks again, very much appreciated!! ;o)

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Hope one is the right one. I'll be interested to hear.

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