Magnetic paint.....

iowajewelDecember 11, 2008

Has anyone used it?

And as I posted on the DIY magnetic boards posting, I also wondered if you can decoupage over it and still retain it's magnetic powers.

Any ideas?


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hey julie,
yea... i've used the magnetic spray paint. you can actually read about it in a prior post on my blog. didn't work for me... maybe's the brand. someone suggested paint instead of spray. but i didn't bother cos the zinc sheets works fabulously.

going back to the spray, i sprayed 5 layers then put a layer of primer because i was thinking the wood could have absorbed a lot of the spray... then sprayed 5 more layers. nope... there is a slight magnetic pull. magnets are just about sticking on the surface, but when you put a paper in between the magnet and the board, everything falls apart. that's just my experience... like i said perhaps it is the brand :)

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I did this on an accent wall in my kitchen. I used 2 quarts of magnetic paint on the 4' x 8' wall then 2 coats of color on top. I use the top part of wall for pictures, invitations, important papers, etc. The bottom is for the kids use of ABC letters and play. It is a great coversation when guests stop by "how do you get magnets to stick on the wall?"
I bought the paint at Home Depot. Michaels sells it too. It took lots of applications and dry time for the magnetic paint. The more coats you put on, the stronger the hold. Don't skimp and don't be in a rush. The results are worth it

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