Quick last minute gift

jenni_caDecember 21, 2004

Friend of mine just sent me this and thought it might interest some of you.

She made up a batch and said she keeps several in the car for something to hand out to a helpful clerk

or anyone else she comes across that she wants to give a little gift to.

Hand Cream

1 jar petroleum jelly

1 bottle baby lotion

1 jar Vitamin E cream

(She said she got it all at the $$ store)

Put all in a mixing bowl and mix on high speed until blended.

Put in cute little jars.

She used tiny canning jars and cut circles fabric to go under the ring

and then tied with matching ribbon

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Well - that's a great idea !!! Thanks for posting it --- time to run to the $$ store !! *wink*

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I'll give this a try. I have Psoriasis and my hands or rather my fingers crack open...OUCH ! so I apply a bandaid and vaseline. Works for me, but maybe this lotion will work better. Thanks gals.

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I made some of that last year at Christmas time...I gave one to each of my cousins..and kept the rest for me. It works wonderful for rough feet. I put it on at night with a pair of socks and went to bed. Woke up with soft feet.

I love it for my dry winter hands too.


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That sounds like it would be really interesting to try. I go through lotion, as if it was water.

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