Vintage Wreath

oddieDecember 4, 2007

Wanted to show you another wreath I have been working on, I beleive the flowers are vintage, I have been told so, anyone know different please say so, the flowers are a soft plastic, and was attached to a long stem about 18 in long, each flower is about 7in round and has a wire stem down the petals so they are bendable.

Have been thinking of selling my crafts on etsy, so have been trying my hand at better photos, and wondered what you all think, I sold this wreath today for $40 just by the photos! not on etsy, my dd sold it, its probley late for Christmas iteams on etsy, will let you all know if I do, please not for sales just to let you know if I take the big plundge!


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OH my what a mess I made! sorry! went to photobucket to clean out some photos and guess what I did, was about the only thing it let me do today! been trying to down load photos and it takes me to there page insted! will try to download photos agine soon

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Pudge 2b

I can see the photo just fine, oddie, and it's really a beautiful wreath, well balanced and full without looking overcrowded. And I really like the bow with the addition of the little tassles. Excellent workmanship.

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Hmmm, I just get the main page, not your photo. Could you post it again please. Congrats on the sale Oddie and good luck with Etsy--I know your things will sell well. Luvs

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gosh! I reloded the photo to my album and came back to repost photo and they were there agine befor I coul paste!, if anyone still cannot see them let me know.
Thanks pudge! alot of crafts I like better more simply done, and felt thats how this wreath should be decorated, the dangle thing was a custom earring.
Luvs check back and try seeing them agine! cant wait to see what you think and any info on rather the flowers are vintage.

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Photobucket doesn't like you today ! LOL
I love your wreath ... it's classy and not OVERDONE.
Some wreaths are so "busy" , you can't appreciate all the elements in it. I've heard so much good about Etsy - I hope you do it make out great!

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Absolutely beautiful!! LOVE IT!!! Congrats on your sale!!!


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Oddie, I can see them now. Had signed off, went to lunch and a movie and just got back on here. Too wierd, huh?

Your wreath is so pretty. Love the flowers, bow and ornaments. Very tastefully done.

Sorry, I wouldn't know vintage from new I'm afraid. Hope someone else will know.


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Thank you! I thougt it turned out pretty! I so hate to tell someone something is vintage then it not be,, I dont think the buyer cared one way or the other, but it matters to me, then agine only the flowers and a few bulbs are vintage, so better watch how I post something.
My dd is my seller! she also sold 3 of my cookies for santa tins for $20, shes been doing the prices also, will have to do something nice for her!

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Beautiful... Beautiful....I love your nodders too oddie!!! You are a very talented Lady!!!! Donna

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Thank you donna! not sure about talent, just do my own thing, was scared to death to post photos of my crafts at frist, thought everyone would laugh, but theres a bunch of nice people on this fourm and they have given me the courage to keep trying!
this fourm has grown alot, lots of new crafters here, hope you stay, and feel at home soon!

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