craft shows this week-end

grandma_bonnieDecember 1, 2007

Good luck everyone on the local craft show circuit. One this week-end = two to go... I set up last night so I can go in this morning and walk around and see what will be selling... A church warned me last year that they would be selling the potato bags - I found them last night - all fivwe of

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Good luck on your shows Bonnie! I'll be waiting for the update. I'm lost here, what are the potato bags? Well of course I know what a potato bag is, but what do you do with it - is it just for a hanging decoration?


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Just got into my jammies - long day, but profitable. Sweetie the potato bag is for cooking the potato in the microwave. It has 100% cotton batting inside of it which absorbs the moisture of the potato. I posted a pic of the potato bag in the gallery if it helps to gie you a visual. They make the potato skin tender and the inside is umm,, dryer for lack of a better word. It absorbs the excess moisture and it tates more like a potato baked in the oven. I also use mine to cook fresh corn on the cob, heat and keep tortillas warm and even to warm rolls ( cornbread is perfect reheated in the bag - nice and moist...
Anyway, my most expensive item cost $7.00 and I made $585 after expenses in a 7 hour show. I'll sleep well tonight!

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Good job! That money comes in handy this time of year.

We just finished a 2 day show in Rutland, VT but the show was Fri and Sat. Fri was very slow and Saturday was not as busy as in past years. It was put on by the local farmer's market group so we did get a very nice decorated wreath for the front of the house from one of the local Christmas tree growers. We'll go cut our own tree next weekend.

One more show to go and that's in New York State next weekend, and that's it for six whole weeks!

It's gonna snow today and tonight. We're looking at 8 to 10 inches so that'll put people in a good Christmas mood. (Except the kids as school won't close for that amount of snow.) The decorations are up in the area and my favorites are the people with the cutter sleighs that put them in the front yard and just put greens and a bow in them. That's all you need.

Stay warm. Stay dry.

Chris in VT

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Living in California, I really miss the seasons... But then the seasons last longer too. I have two more shows to go with the last one being the larger of the two. Winter Wonderland is the most fun with lights and snow brought in for the kids. Then I can get down to our Christmas... Next year may be alot different as I am doing our local fair - making neck coolers to sell - I figure I will need to have 3,000 - 4,000 available to sell - long days and nights... At 63, I may have to let someone in with me to share the spot and but mostly to share the hours... It's a twelve day event and temperatures over 100 most days.

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Hey, grandma_bonnie, hope your shows went well. We just got 12 to 14 inches of snow yesterday so guess we don't need "neck coolers"! But I am wondering what is in them? I'm not sure that I know.We could use them in the summer. Thanks for the posts.My E-mail is correct so don't know what happened.

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I don't either, Posie - just wanted to make sure I got the information to you... I use polymer crystals in the neck coolers. It is a product used in gardening that absorbs water - What starts off like rock salt, will swell to the size of your fingernail... You can buy it at most farm supply stores - I order it online - 10 pounds at a time - BTW - you use 2 teaspoons for each neck cooler - no more or it will burst it open at the seams.

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Wow ! I use that stuff in my garden. You are one busy, talented lady ! Thanks !

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