another craft show results...

qtiemomDecember 3, 2007

Ok...had a one day show about an hour away from home.

We had awesome sales! It is the same place I did last weekend, but I did it again because this weekend was pay day

You could tell! There was SO MUCH traffic out there!

But, I have to tell you... My hubby forgot two contaimers of stuff. Which happen to be my lower priced stuff (stocking stuffers) that always always bring up sales!

But, to my surprise we still did good...I made $715.00!!!

Now, I will be having one this coming we'll see how this one goes!


**I am selling sooooo many of those chocolate snowmen too! I have to keep replenishing them for each show!

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Wow great news on your show. I am loving to hear about good shows. May I ask where you are? The shows in my area have been down all year. Some are barely making booth fees this year. Now mind you I don't do huge shows. I pretty much do church and school shows and our towns are pretty small, but they have been very good in the past years. My last show of the season was Saturday and I did ok certainly no $500 or $700 show. For the first time in 30 years of doing shows I was glad to see the show season end. May I also ask what chocolate snowmen are? I have never heard of them. I really sell a variety of items but my main things are purses, painted skates and for the last two shows I added the lighted blocks. Of course I also have the little stuff that usually pays the booth fee like coin purses, pony tail holders/srunchies, key chains and danglers (cell phone charms).


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what are these "chocolate snowmen" you are selling.

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Diane, I agree with you. I do mostly school or retirement home shows, all have been way down this year. Our town is not that small any more and the show I did Sat. was in a good size city. The show Sat. is usually the biggest one I do (97 vendors, down from last years 115),but I didn't even make my table fee! I do mostly hand embroidered pillows and baby quilts, and some unusual pins. Also the usual Christmas ornaments, coasters, etc. I have one more show this Sat. a brand new one, so hopefully this one will bring my sales up!

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