copied Robolady(Margo) on this

kudzukweenDecember 12, 2007

made a few of these earring hangers. These are quick and easy,and in my case, I didn't have to leave the house for supplies to make them! Old wooden picture frames,an old lace curtain, staple gun,and ribbon to glue around the inside edges.

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Very nice! So simple and so practical!

That would be perfect for my friend's decor...if she only had more earrings! LOL

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So simple - yet elegant. Very nice !

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Beautiful! and sounds so simple to make, do you hange it, or does it have somekind of support to set it up like a photo frame?
Thanks for shareing!

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That is very cute! I'm confused, though, about using ribbon for the inside edges. What is that for? and do you see it?

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Thanks ya'll :) I nail in sawtooth hangers,so the wallpaper or paint on the wall can show through, but you can make it any way you want, I would imagine. I staple the lace to the frame,then I glue ribbon to cover the staples and finish the edges.(it's on the back)

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Now I see, kudzukween. Thanks for explaining it. I may need to make myself one of those. :)

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