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loraleeApril 4, 2004

Which model do you have and do you like it?


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Mine says "Vac 800." Got it a short time ago & I think it's the same one on the infomercial. So far, I love it. I got rid of my microwave & love that I can "boil in the bag" which I think with most things it tastes just like freshly made, especially for things like pot roasts. I also sealed up the whole wheat flour that was taking up too much room in my freezer & that I don't use very often.

I got mine on eBay - new. I think I paid $119.00.

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Here's the website. I also got it so I could keep meat longer in the freezer without freezer burn.

Here is a link that might be useful: FoodSaver

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Ginger, how do you keep the flour from coming out of the package when you are trying to seal it?

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You put a piece of paper towel on top of the flour otherwise the vacuum would suck up the flour. It's really going to be a boon for hurricane season here since I can buy ahead if we get a bad storm. We have a massive generator so I don't have to worry about being without power for 3 months like during the last one.

I don't have the canisters but think I'll get some of those to vacuum seal things too which will cut down on having to rely completely on bags. You might be able to get better prices at places like Costco which we don't have here but ebay is a good source too. I'll have to check to see if they sell the canisters there.

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I have several of the canisters and like them. I also got the attachments to seal mason jars, both wide mouth and standard. It's a lot cheaper than buying canisters for everything or even bags. You just use the regular canning lids. I use them for things like coffee, rice, corn meal, etc. And you can even reuse the lids if you pop them off with a knife and not bend them.

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The problem here with regular canning lids is they rust in no time. Do they make any that don't rust? That would definitely be cheaper.

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Gee, I don't know. I use Kerr and Ball and haven't had a rust problem. But not near as humid here I'm sure. If you do decide to try them, it helps to put them in boiling water for a few minutes just as if you were going to use them for canning. It makes the rubber more pliable. Dry well before using of course. It sooo ticks me off when they don't seal the first time around and doing this definately helps.

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Will do. Thanks for the tip.

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Kathi what model do you have? There are numerous models of food saver and I understand from a post last year that some work better than others. I would love to find out which ones each of you are using.

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Mine is Tilla Compact Foodsaver, have had it for probably nearly 15 years. I use it mainly for freezing. Last week bought a whole beef tenderloin at Sams, I sliced it, put marinade on it and sealed in packages of 2 and 4. When the kids were at home I would buy blocks of cheese and divide and seal it and would keep for a long time. In the summer sometimes I use it to put up corn and okra. One of those things that I don't use weekly, but love it when I need it and never had any problems with it.

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Loralee, I have the Vac 500. I got it several years ago, and it came with the wide mouth jar lid attachment and a canister. I like the flexibility of using the canisters and jars as well as bags.

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