Candy Christmas Tree

oddieDecember 9, 2008

you have all probley seen theses before, but just in case, made this one for my dad, hard for him to unwrap candies that dont have the twist open so had to use only those kinds of candy, you just twist open the candy and leave the paper, makes the tree still look okay till the candys gone.

not a good photo but you get the idea.

Happy Crafting


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FlamingO in AR

That's cute, Oddie! How do you attach the candies, pins? I bet your Dad will love it.

Also, if you were doing different candies, which ones would you use? Could you do it with little candy bars? The 3 Musketeers Mint ones might be pretty, silver and green. Or a mix?

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Very pretty!!! It looks great!! I have always wanted to make one but never have. What a great idea instead of just giving bags of candy!

I might have to try after seeing how pretty yours is!

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I've seen them before but not quite as pretty as yours, Oddie!

Love the way you did the bow at the top. What may I ask is "was" the container, as knowing you, you covered it or painted it, or something???

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A "Sweet" Tree!! hehe
A great idea! Is it glued with a glue gun? And on a styrofoam cone shape?

What to do with egg shaped styrofoam? It's flat on one side. I saw a cute decoupaged mouse, I might make it, but I have 6 eggs..

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That is really pretty oddie!!!
Flamingo I have made them with the little candy bars. They turn out really cute.
I used a cone and a low temp glue gun. Just a dab of glue holds the candy on.
They make a cute little gift too, cause who doesn't like candy!!

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Ohmygosh that is so SWEET! LOL
I wonder if I could do one for my Uncle in the nursing home, he loves to treat the gals that work there!
Hmmmmm candy bars work too huh?

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This is really neat, great for someone in a nursing home or hospital. What did you use for your base? And, how did you attach the candy?

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Thank you! I have searched for hours to find the blog where the candy tree was posted, was so cute and had a white loopy bow on top, this time I didnt even save the photo.
I used the cone shape tree and tacky glued, glued the edge of the candy wraper and also used stright pins to secure them, the one in the blog used the stright pins with the little balls on top, the base is a cardboard box from the $ store, with a hole cut in the middle, I used a scrap of pvc pipe for the trunk, covered the top of the box with fake snow to cover the hole and the mess, the tree is so heavy with all the candy it started to crush the box, took it back apart and filled with plaster, seems to work okay now.
you might use a christmas mug for the base, I didnt want something glass as my dad is now in a NH, was worried about useing the stright pins also, wish I had know that low temp hot glue would of worked, saw one done with the mint balls only and it was so cute, I had wanted a white bow to match the box but couldnt find any, so settled on the gold.
I plan on makeing another one for the N.A s and the nurses desk, as a little thank you for takeing such good care of my dad.
Maybe someone knows of the blog where the tree was posted would love for you all to see it.
Kudzukween, I saw a cute egg tree made with the cone and flat eggs, I think you would need more then six eggs, if you like I will try and find the photo.
Happy Crafting!

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Wow that is great. Those would be good gifts for the guys at work. I can always come up with ideas for the women but the guys are harder...Thank you for sharing...

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oddie, that is so pretty!!! You've got to be one of the best crafters in this world!! I really look forward to seeing what you've made.

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omg oddie!
this is gorgeous! you are a genius! it's really really pretty! thanks for sharing. :)

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Thank you! dont think I deserve all of that but glad you liked the tree.
I found a video at better homes site that shows how to make the tree, love the bow, was more of the kind I wanted to make.
Happy Crafting!

Here is a link that might be useful: candy tree video

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