RECIPE: Do you have a favorite Splenda recipe?

sayhellonowApril 22, 2008

I have discovered that Splenda is made from sugar by removing the molecule that creates sugar's calories. So I'm looking for some recipes that you've tried and know to be really good.

Also, with canning season approaching, have any of you tried canning anything in particular using Splenda? I made raspberry jam and it was too runny.

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Let's move this one down.

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Move it down?

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Why? There are a lot of people cooking with Splenda these days.

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My thoughts too. I am using sugar only on rare occasions when Splenda won't work (my raspberry freezer jam won't set up with Splenda). I am hoping for some good tried-and-true recipes.

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I have been checking this post daily. I don't have any T&T recipes but I hope someone else does. I am trying to cut back on sugar.

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I don't have any recipes because I only occasionally use a packet of Splenda on cereal but there are a lot of recipes at this link and Google has lots. I know that my diabetic sister in law uses it for her fried pies though.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I made a Flourless Chocolate Cake last night using Splenda instead of sugar. We cut it tonight, so I can't tell you what it tasted like. However, it uses 8 eggs and two whole sticks of butter, so it may not be good for those whose cholesterol is too high.

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No bake cheesecake with splenda....... 4 8 oz boxs of room temp cream cheese..... 1/2 cup of splenda mix above ing. then add 1-8oz tub sug free coolwhip ....1 or 2 tsp vanilla to taste Pour all into a 10 inch sug free graham cracker pie crust. Let set in fridge for about4 hours then top any way you like and enjoy. I use this a basic recipe and add change it depending on the mood I am in this time of year I like to add 1/2 cup of puried friut like strawberrys to the mix right after I add the cool whip but blackberrys and rassberrys are also a big hit. I add splenda to taste to the berrys before I add them to the mix. This recipe is also good if yoiu substatue sugar for the splenda and extra creamy coolwhip for the sugarfree stuff . You can also half the recipe and use a 8 inch pie crust instead if you don,t want the large really full 10 inch one.

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