LOOKING for: Whats the secret to Bakery Whip Cream?

eileen_launonenApril 1, 2004

The recipe is such a differnt consistency then when I make it and it also stays firm much longer....Does anyone know what they do differnt?????

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It could be a different product, when I bake cakes for people who want a whipped cream type frosting I use Pastry-Pride, it comes in quart containers at Smart & Final, there is also a product called Frostin-Pride. They whip wonderfully and hold. They are available in white & chocolate, although I do not like the chocolate, I make mine choco by adding dry unsweetened cocoa (Drost)then whip it all together, with the white I add clear vanilla flavoring, or you could add any flavor you like.
If you want a tru whipped cream frosting you can try a product called "Whip-it" it is a powder you mix in the cream. Or you can stabilize w. cream with gelatin
For 2 cups of cream: use 1 teaspoon gelatin soaked in 2 tablespoons cold water, heat slightly until fully disolved, let cool but do not let it fully set up. then add to the cream & whip.

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Eileen, I like the idea of using gelatin to stabilize it better than buying another product but when I do fresh whipped cream I have no trouble with it holding, it's very stable. I always use a cold stainless steel bowl set inside another with ice water in it. I never use the mixer I whip it by hand with a whisk and be sure to not go too far with it. I have some in the frig. right now that I whipped last Friday and it's fine. I'm sure it's not as firm as what Happytime suggest but it works.


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For just whipped cream, I stick the bowl & beaters from my hand mixer in the freezer. Works just fine. Below is a recipe for whipped cream icing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whipped cream Icing

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My sister in law used to work at a bakery and told me they put crisco in their icing and thats what makes it so white.
I used to have the recipe but have no idea where it is now, since we moved!

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