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oddieDecember 18, 2008

Frist let me say that I am soo glad you are home and safe! a busted washer hose is bad enough, but like you said it could have been so much worse, so far the storms here in ohio havent been to bad, the NH where dad is didnt lose power, thanks for asking!

My memory is soo bad but I beleive I got the idea from you on the snowman tin, eather way its such a cute idea and was wondering if you would post the photo, iam sure others would love to see it!

dont know how to post a link to my album, photobucket has been real hard to download photos to, dont know whats going on, if you can give me the how to info I would be happy to show my album.

heres the bunny box photo not sure witch one you wanted so I posted bouth.

Happy Crafting


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Well, Oddie, it seems we both have memory problems! :)

I did some searching and found it was Diana on the Tole Painting forum who came up with the idea... and I think you told me that last year after giving you credit.

Yup...those are the bunny boxes!! I was going to use the tins. I have even painted the top pink with white polka dots, but that is as far as I got. OH..just remembered I bought a headband with bunny ears on it to use.....NOW....what the heck did I do with them!! Oh well, I've got a few months to remember that!!

I will link Diana's post here and post your album url in another posting as I don't know how to do two in one.

I know everyone will love looking at your album....eye candy galore!!

Thank you so much for the well wishes. Our little town is now 95 percent restored power, but there are lots of towns that will be without till after Christmas!! God bless them. We don't have many major weather castasrophes here and it makes you really feel for all those that have gone through horrible hurricanes and tornadoes. I can't even imagine! Glad your Dad was in a safe place...hope he misses the 9 inches of snow we are going to get tomorrow!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dianas cookie tin snowmen

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Cute bunny boxes. I'm wondering if you could make reindeer ones using those antler headbands? The snowman idea sounds like fun too. Ah well, a project for next year.
I thought your comment about Photobucket was interesting. The site's been giving me fits too.
Happy Holidays!

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OMG you suffer from memory loss also LOL!
will diana will be prould that we are not taking credit for her very clever craft! hope others read this post and dont miss it.
omg havent looked at the weather 9 inches of snow oh my! so far we have had only one bad strom that closed schools for one day, have had so much rain! and some ice but nothing bad, glad your town is getting back to normal,atleast till the 9 inches of snow comes! hope all can be safe and warm!
Thanks for posting the link to my album, never knew how to do that, something I must learn.
mmgirl I think a reindeer would be so cute, have to put that idea down for next year myself, have you all seen the stacking snowman, made from three boxes or tins, so cute!
Happy Crafting

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Ladies, please let Photobucket know the problems you are having. They can't fix it if they don't know about it.
I've let them know about my pictures not enlarging when someone clicks on them. Even emailed them links to a few so they could see the problem for themselves. You can email them at


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