recipe: ISO long lost recipe my grandmother and mother made

Glitter53April 23, 2008

I remember with great fondness a dessert my Grandmother and Mother used to make which involved graham crackers, layered with pastel pink, green and yellow layers of someting fluffy. I'm guessing Jello was involved, and perhaps Carnation, as that seemed to be such a popular ingredient at that time...If anyone still has this old favourite, please post it...I'd love to share it with my family, now!

Fingers crossd!! ;-D

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okay, I dug through my library of cookbooks and found both the 1963 lst printing of Joys of Jello and an anniversary book. There are several choices. One is jello,& pudding, cooked together and then when cooled you added Dream Whip, That picture looks pretty fluffy. But I used to just make jello, & add real whip cream. Thats a Bavarian. but there is also layered cheesecake, with graham crackers, cream cheese, light cream. It also helps if we know when this started because these recipes were popular at certain times. There was a product called 123 jello I think that came out fluffy because it had whipped topping or something in it. So all of those recipes came out pastel and fluffy.
The carnation milk --do you know if it was condensed milk or evaporated?
I'll give you the recipe as soon as you guess which it was or have more clues. Maybe there are family cookbooks, or you could remember what the cookbook looked like. the original was spiral bound with a red wineglass of jello on the cover.

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Hi, Marge....I'm just guessing, but I think it involved carnation evaporated milk, which seemed to be really popular at the time. This would take the recipe back to about the 1950s, or so....perhaps the jello was whipped together with the milk? The graham crackers got soft, so formed a nice layer....but for the life of me...I can't determine how it might have been done...

Thank yor for all your help, digging thu your cookbooks...aren't the oldies just the best, though? I hope it brought you some pleasure...;-)

I wish I could duplicate it...You're a Sweetie for trying!!!

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chilled evaporated milk will whip like cream, but it has to be really really cold.
It was a popular thing about 1952 or so to whip Carnation (it was just called "Carnation" no need to add anything in "you add a little Carnation to the gravy"...even if what you used was Pet Milk)...people whipped the jello when it got partially set, then whip Carnation and gently whip the 2 together.
Different effects could be achieved with different flavors of jello and the different flavors could be layered and put into a graham cracker crust and refrigerated. Fruit could even be added, but that sometimes caused the cloud to collapse.
Linda C

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Could it be lemon jelly layers. I recently found this recipe in a company's coming cookbook at the library and it sounds exactly like what the others were talking about.

I'd posted the recipe on my blog and have provided the link, just in case.

Here is a link that might be useful: lemon jelly layers

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Exactly, daldak! I love the lemon idea...the "old fashioned" one had 3 different flavoured layers...but this one looks like something I'd LOVE to try!
BTW...loved hearing the Monkey's on your blog...brings back such nice memories! ;-D

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Could it have been a variation of this:

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Glitter, add a graham cracker crust to this one, maybe leave out the fruit and it might be what you are looking for.

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