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bamasueMarch 17, 2007

Just had to let you know that your 3 recipes for our 9X13 auction today (lime jello, granny, and apple cakes) brought $18 each and were all bought by the same person looking to stock her freezer for a large Easter crowd. Thank you for helping me do my part for the tornado victims in S. Alabama!

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Whoo-ha!! $18 for that dumb lime jell-o thing? That's amazing!!...
But it is pretty isn't it?? LOL!
Glad you cleaned up...now to get southern Alabama cleaned up as well!
Did you do the apple cake with the "cake gravy"?...That's the winner in my opinion...!
Glad I could help.
Linda C

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Oh, I totally forgot about the "cake gravy" part! I was still so blown away at the $18 each!! I had planned it as a side sale at your suggestion, but changed my mind with the gracious purchase of all three together so gave it as a 'bonus'. The lady was just thrilled and super tickled at your moniker 'cake gravy'(as were lots of others)! So, in the end, you won, I won, she has Easter dessert covered and the good folks further down south will be the beneficiaries! It was a great day! Thanks so much again for your help in getting my mind wrapped around some great, quick recipes!!

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Don't know if I told you...but the way the sauce came to be called "cake gravy" was from an occasion when my son was visiting and I had some friends for dinner, served that cake for dessert and put the sauce in a small sauce boat with a ladle. When it was passed, one of the guys asked what it was, I said "for the cake," He looked puzzled and my son said "it's cake gravy"...and the name stuck!
Linda C

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Love that!! Leave it to the boys! HA!

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