RECIPE: What to do With Chocolate Cake Disaster

annie1971March 1, 2008

I've considered myself to be a pretty good cook and 99.9% of the time I bake from scratch. Today, however, I thought I'd just bake up some boxed chocolate cake in my mini bundt pans (6 mini's to a pan). I cut up some mini snickers and added to the batter before baking.

Of course, all but a few stuck to the pans and came out in clumps (I seem to never properly judge when to remove cakes from pans).

Anyway, does anyone have a good use for the chocolate cake clumps. Maybe a mud pie sort of concoction or another ice cream/cake recipe I can put into the freezer for a great dessert later on?

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You could layer it like a trifle using vanilla ice cream.

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A little late but it would be good layered with pudding, too, perhaps with a little whipped cream.

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Thank you both. I put it into the freezer and think I'll concoct a pudding/ice cream/fruit and choc syrup trifle sort of thing? We have a friend coming to visit and he'll eat anything!

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I like making a "Black Forest" trifle using chocolate cake, cherry jello, morello cherries and juice cooked with a little sugar and cornstarch until thickened then cooled, and whipped cream, in layers. Yum!

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Here is what my Mom did with left over cake that got dried out. She would whip up cream and fold in the chunks of cake and freeze it in the ice cube trays that came with our frig. The trays with the removable inserts. Of course, she took out the insert. Absolutely delicious. We couldn't wait for it to get frozen. I grew up on a dairy farm so we had all the cream we wanted.

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