RECIPE: Pie crust and Crisco

gazania_gwMarch 5, 2009

I have used the "Never Fail Pie Crust" that takes an egg and vinegar for about 40 years with great success. But since Crisco went trans fat free the crust is not the same. My recipe made 5 nine inch crusts and I always formed it into rounds and put any that I was not going to use immediately in the freezer. With the new crisco, those rounds now are coated with a heavy oily film when they thaw. It is so heavy that I must blot it off before I can roll it out. Has anyone else noticed this? Also the crust does not roll out the same and is not as flakey as with the old crisco. It is acceptable, but not as good as before.

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Haven't gotten new Crisco so I haven't noticed but are there any other brands of shortening available to you? Lard makes a better crust anyway, IMO or you could use all butter. I didn't even know Crisco went trans-fat free.

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Ginger, around me, Crisco is all there is in a shortening. I agree, lard makes a better crust. I have never made it with butter, but with a husband who loves pie, but has high cholesterol and been through many heart procedures, I have tried to use the lesser of the evils when making pie. It is my understanding that trans fat free Crisco is all that is being made now. I guess I sholud try an oil crust. Probably what I should have been using since the heart problems began in 1983.

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I just made some cookies at xmas with the new Crisco but haven't tried it with pies yet. Mom & I have noticed that I Can't Believe it's not Butter & Country Crock are both lot softer than they have been so they have been changed. Mom called them & they sent coupons but wouldn't admit they had changed them. I made English Toffee like I have for over 40 yrs & it started to separate just as it was turning amber & ready to dump out. I had to wipe the butter off the top before I put the chocolate & rest of pecans on. So I waited couple of days 3 different times & same thing happened & 3rd time it just plain sugared even tho I was carefully wiping the pan down as always. So something is going on with the butter. Last 3 tries were with butter made in Wisc. I normaly use Sam's club & have good results. Friend got my receipe & had problems also, she has made candy for yrs too. We think they are adding water to it. I use canola oil as often as possible as it doesn't add a taste to cakes, cookies etc. Haven't made piecrust tho.

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I have been making the Never-Fail-Pie-Crust forever. With the new Crisco, I haven't notice a difference when rolling out or the resulting taste or flakiness of the crust. Didn't notice any oiliness on the surface either. It's easier for me to defrost it in the microwave. The only difference I notice is the frozen crusts are a darker color. It doesn't change the results though.

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I have also noticed the change and do not like the results in both cookies and pie crust. It took a while till I realized what the problem was! Gina

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