Some painted Christmas items to share

luvstocraftDecember 21, 2008

Thought I'd share the items I've painted for Christmas this year. I've posted them on the Painting forum gallery, but I know some of you don't visit there. Hope they bring a smile to your face. Luvs

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Sooo very cute! and yes I am still smileing! wish I could paint half as good as you, love the cute faces, and the flowers are just beautiful!
wish we lived close and you could give me some hands on, only way for me to learn to paint!
sorry I havent gotton over to the painting fourm, didnt get started till late on my christmas crafts, been alot going on this past year, hopefully the new year will bring more time! love all your beautiful painted craft.

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Oddie, I always love your painted items. You do a very nice job with them, and come up with the best ideas for things to paint too.
I am always my own worst critic, always see things I should have added or that I could have done better. I actually like them better when I look at them much later! Used to be that way when I sewed something too! LOL
Gosh, wouldn't it be fun if we lived close and could craft and paint together? I always admire all the things you create. We'd just be a beehive of activity! ;o)


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So beautiful! I wish I could paint, too! Just never got the hang of it :D lol... they're all gorgeous, but I truly love the poinsettias!
Are you cutting your own shapes, or do you buy them all ready to paint?
And I wanna play,too! I'd run away from home for a day and hang out with ya'll and learn stuff!

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I so love your painting abilities!!! They are soi simple yet charming - silly question... You ARE signing your work, right?

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They are soooooooo cute...

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Made ME smile! Good job! Wish I had the knack for painting, but alas, it's not one of my gifts! :)

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You know, I did put my name and the year on the ornaments, but I don't usually sign my items. I just am never sure where to put it and don't want to detract from the project. Glad you all enjoyed seeing them, and I truly believe that if I can paint, anyone can. No special talent here, just the desire and persistence! LOL


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