Living Lettuce

wizardnmJanuary 13, 2012

Have I just had my head stuck in the sand? I picked up a head of Living Lettuce at the grocery the other day. OMG this stuff is amazing. What I bought is a butter lettuce head, complete with its roots. It is grown hydroponically, packaged in a clam shell container and you can even add water.

It is so fresh and tasty I can't quit snacking on it. I'll be the first to admit that I usually snack on carbs. But these tender leaves have really hit the spot.

Maybe it's the time of year (winter) but I don't think so. I think I have finally found a healthy addiction.

Anyone else enjoy Living Lettuce?


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Never saw it....but I'll look now!...or maybe start some seeds!

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That certainly is a healthy addiction! I tried it and just wasn't so fond of it. I've never been a fan of butter lettuce, though. Are you dipping it in anything?

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It's been available here for several years. I love it also. We use the argula, red leaf, & Boston butter lettuce. It easily keeps 2+ weeks. With just the two of us the keeping time alone makes it worth a few cents more.


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I buy it all the time. Costco has it in a two pack....
I use it in place of bread for sammies....
I make a cilantro mayo to go on the meat and add scallions and red peppers.
Very taste. (South Beach Diet)
If it looks wilted after a few days and some water and it perks up.

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Yup I've seen and used it, haven't picked it up in a current addiction is arugula out of the bag (TJs organic and washed)

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I used to buy it, and I kept it watered so that it would not wilt, but I prefer Romaine or Red Leaf lettuce, and I use those up before they go bad. I go through a lot of lettuce - I've always loved it, although I never particularly liked iceberg lettuce.

If I buy spinach at the farmers' market, I can get it with roots (and plenty of soil) on it, and I keep that in water as well. I've also found cilantro with roots intact at the farmers' markets, and I keep that in water when I do, but I have plenty of that in my back yard at this time of year. There were a lot of lettuce plants at Home Depot last week-end (They're a winter crop here), and I probably should have bought them, but I was afraid the slugs would eat them all. Maybe I'll get some this week-end, as I have a good spot to plant them. However, lettuce is more expensive here in the summer.


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I've been buying that for sometime now. The leaves are nice for wraps (we've had a talk here about Asian recipes for that). I also like that the lettuce hangs around for awhile without going south. But the best thing is that people haven't had their hands all over it, which is what I also like about the packaged romaine hearts.

She who is recovering from a nasty stomach bug...


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I get the lovely little 4-packs at Aldi, and seagrass is right, great for Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps. We've liked them so much I bought an envelope of Burpee Bibb Lettuce Blend so I can grow-my-own this spring.


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I've purchased those but not in a long time. I like butter lettuce but rarely buy it. It's on my radar now. In my twenties I worked as a waitress in a tiny little French restaurant in Burlingame. The salad served there was plain butter lettuce with the chef's vinaigrette that he made daily. Olive oil, red wine vinegar, dijon, and salt and pepper whisked together. I loved it. I think it's on the list for today.

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I have seen it, but haven't tried it -- sounds like I should!

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I've gotten it here at Meijer's. Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of lettuce or salads, so my living lettuce generally dies before I eat it all. It's much better than the pre-cut packaged stuff, though.


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DH loves it and oddly enough I hadn't bought it in ages until this past week. I prefer romaine because it's crunchy, but this most recent clamshell of butter lettuce seemed exceptionally nice. I'll try the sandwich thing, that's a great idea since I don't keep iceberg in the house.

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Butter lettuce (clam shell package, roots) is what I use for one of my favorite and easiest salads. I call it WTC Salad because I use to order it when I had dinner at my favorite World Trade Center restaurant. Butter lettuce, hearts of palm sliced in coins, white balsamic, olive oil.

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What can I say, I live in northern Michigan and just found this lettuce. We are way behind or at least I'm way behind in trying it. It's good to see that their are folks that also like it.

One head hasn't given me much opportunity to experiment...but as soon as I get out!


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I love the butter living lettuce from Costco.

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You can grow lettuce indoors in a window box and keep on picking the leaves.


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