Kitchen Witch Pattern???

Jude_KSDecember 28, 2005

I'm trying to locate a pattern for a fabric sewn

kitchen witch pattern, was wondering if anyone might

have info as to where I could find one...

Thanks - Jude!

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Haave you checked eBay yet? See eBay items #8247294383, #8230301811, and #6239683713. These are just a few... just do a search, and be sure to look at the "eBay stores" section of results, too.

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Here are the instructions I use to make my kitchen witches.

Kitchen Witch

Items needed:

* metal gingerbread man cookie cutter
* spanish moss
* black felt or bought felt witch's hat
* orange material for skirt
* thin orange ribbon
* black material
* glue
* trim


  1. Fold black material in half, cut a slit and slide over head.
  2. With thread, sew a running stitch through the top of one edge of the orange material and gather around the waist. Stitch in place.
  3. Glue orange ribbon over the stitches. Cut pieces of ribbon long enough to be suspenders and glue in place.
  4. Glue spanish moss to top of cookie cutter.
  5. Glue witch's hat to spanish moss. Or, if using black felt, cut a circle the diameter you wish the hat to be. Cut a wide triangle of felt, wrap to form a cone, and glue to circle. Glue to spanish moss.
  6. Glue desired trim in place.

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I"m looking for a pattern of a cloth doll of a kitchen witch siting on a spoom or broom that you can hang in you kitchen

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I can't offer you a fabric pattern but I have found an adorable corn husk one at the Family Crafts website:)

I do not know how to post images on here, so please use the link provided to see the page I'm refering to. I hope you find this article helpful:)

Happy Halloween :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Family Crafts Corn Husk Kitchen Witch

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If you are still interested I have a pattern for a kitchen witch sitting on a wooden spoon. It is a regular sewing pattern. I will be glad to send it to you.

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Sorry I can not be of any help but had to tell evelyn craft diva that her kitchen witch is the cutest one I have ever seem! and thanks for shareing how you made yours!

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