Make a Display Bag or Gift Bag With Sandwich Baggies

kudzukweenNovember 24, 2009

I ran out of ink on my printer, so I couldn't print out any labels for those fold over type sandwich bags. As I sat looking at my craft storage drawers, I spotted some rolls of wallpaper border, and thought,'s right under my nose! Cut a piece the size of your baggie..mine are 6". Place item in the bag and fold over the top, then staple it! Easy and cute, so may wallpapers out there at yard sales and thrift stores, or cheap enough at dollar stores to ensure all your labels match :D Punch a hole in the center if you need to hang it from a rack!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Great idea! I like working with wallpaper and have several wallpaper sample books.

You can usually get wallpaper sample books for free at places like home improvement stores, or stores that deal with home decorating. My local neighborhood home improvement store occasionally throws all of the their outdated wallpaper sample books into wheelbarrows and they are yours for the taking.

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Love that idea--I'm going to use it!!

Thanks for sharing!!

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You are just so clever Kudzu, I've always thought those printed ones you see were cute, but would never have thought to use wallpaper instead. This would look great for displaying items at a craft show or even for sorting craft supplies at home. Luvs

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How clevar submit it to a craft magazine I'm going to tell my friend who makes her envelopes from old wallpaper books she'll love it

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