How do I frame a scarf?

cindiw2November 12, 2008

I bought a beautiful scarf at a thrift store and would like to know how I could go about framing it. It just matches my decor -- and I think I would like to see it up on my wall. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks so much.

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Depending where it is displayed you could get two attractive hangers like (for a visual exmple) big loop earings and then drape it in and out of those rings.

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The best, most inexpensive way, that I'd do (LOL I'm a cheapskate) I'd go to thrift stores or yard sales looking for a large framed print with glass and a mat. Place the scarf over the print so that now the scarf is your framed "print", and you'll have it protected under glass. Remember,you can paint the frame, and paint the mat, any color you want. And my motto is..if I paid a quarter for it, no harm to try to change it with paint! If you don't like the color, paint it another color! You can always buy another frame or find one on freecycle :D
I just recently painted a large collection of photo frames all black, so they'd sort of all go together, with the black wrought iron in the living room.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Thanx for replies. Question is: do I glue the scarf to cardboard (which I have)? I have the cardboard, but not sure what type of glue to use. I like the scarf, but really bought it as a picture. I may want to frame it, but I'm thinking to just block it on cardboard & put that on the wall. Main question now is about the kind of glue to use.

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How about a photo of the scarf?

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Try double sticky least that way it won't be permanent. If you go with the frame, you'll have it between backing,mat and glass to keep it clean. If you just want to attach it to a backing, and have the scarf open, I'd think the tape is still the way to go. I bought a box of 250 double sticky tape tabs at Dollar General for $1.
Or find an old artists canvas, or buy a new one, they're pretty inexpensive, and attach it to that. Decoupage might be a good choice on the can keep it clean.

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I'll get a picture of the scarf later on ...The tape idea sounds good. I'll try getting one of those foamboard type sheets and tape it to that. Decoupage also sounds like a good idea, I don't think I care about wearing it right now. I'll think about that. :-)

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My 2 cents!! We don't know what scarf is made from, if it is loose weave, silk, etc makes a big difference. OLd acetate ones smell sometime if you wet them. Some sag easily or are easily affected by weather (rain might mean it sags down on your board until weather clears & then may or may not go back to original shape. Kudzu's idea would make whatever it is most stable. It would be enclosed & not as subject to weather. I got new drapes for 1 of kids rooms once & the went above the window sill during rain, I took them back. They weren't cheap either,rest of house was custom & these were on street side. Better to enclose the scarf then go to lot of work & have a problem . Jan

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I'm getting to the point that I don't like things under glass because unfortunately, all I see is the glass sometimes. And I don't want to go to the expense of "glare-free" glass. So ... simply taping it (or possibly stapling it) to a backing board might be the idea. I guess maybe starching it might help? just asking..

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If you want to do it simply/cheaply, the stapling idea sounds better to me than using glue or double-sided tape. If you want it done the "professional way", I'd ask someone who does needlework (cross-stitching, embroidery, etc.). They usually frame their work without putting it under glass, and I think it involves sewing the edges down to a special backing/stretcher?

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Yes, I was thinking to staple it or sew it to a dowel, I'll see. Maybe I'll just plaster it to the wall. (just kidding...)

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I would use spray adhesive....spray to the mat and stick it in the frame......easy peasy

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My suggestion is, do not put any type of tape or adhesive on the scarf. I don't know if goo gone works on fabric or not?? What a mess that would be to try and get the sticky out!
I would kind of use the scarf as a 3 sided frame on your wall and place a picture or other wall art in the frame you made with your scarf. All that would take is 2 small, long nails or metal rings (like the large earring idea!) to hold up the 2 corners. Kind of like a stage curtain. Drapes down both sides and has a swag across the top. I hope you understand what I mean!?

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You guys have given me some good ideas -- I've got a lot of cleaning to do so this is down the line a bit, but I'm taking all your ideas into my head. I like the idea of the rings to hook it up, and also the tassels. But I might also glue the edges or tape them, I'll decide. I do know that I don't want glass over the scarf because glass is so annoying as it reflects the light and takes away from the actual picture or, in this case, scarf. Thanks again!

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