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linnea56February 12, 2010

I have a recipe for chocolate cheesecake I want to try for ValentineÂs Day. It was demonstrated in a chocolate class I took the other day. It calls for 2 cups of chocolate cookie crumbs for the crust. The only plain chocolate cookie I can find in the store is $ 6 a boxÂa very small box!.

Any idea what else I could use? Regular graham cracker crumbs doesnÂt seem right.

The teacher said you can use oreos. He said to keep the white filling in, that adding it would help to keep the crumbs together. (other recipes I have use melted butter for that, but this recipe doesnÂt call for butter).

But considering how sweet oreo filling is, wouldnÂt that throw off the recipe?

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I doubt it since the crust isn't all that thick & cheesecakes are more rich than sweet. Might even be better.

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I think oreo cookies makes a cookie crumb that can be found in the baking section. I use to split them apart and just use the half of the cookie with the icing scraped off and eat the other half as a cookie. Waste not want not. Try the baking section where the graham cracker crumbs are.


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