Questions on building a half-log hybrid home

Wayne-NewEnglandDecember 18, 2012

Will be building a half log home within the next 12-24 months. In the design stages now (still). Thinking on Maine Cedar Log Homes as there homes are built in 8-16 ft wall sections at hoisted into place, being sealed and bolted together. Windows,flashing, Zip siding and logs are assembled in the factory and built using jigs. I have visited the factory and was pretty impressed with the quality of build and products. (ZIP siding, Anderson 400 series windows etc).
Would like to top off with a SIP roof on timber rafters 48" oc for roof.

Anyhow, my question is on costs for house width. I have a few different similar designs one 24' wide (built with 2X8 12ft joists) and another 28' wide built with 2X10 14ft joists. I am leaning towards the 12 footer design because I believe with will cost much less to build (based on a per sq ft cost) due mainly to the smaller floor joists and roof rafters required to span,(besides the obvious of less ZIP siding, studs and log siding....) which may be added back to the costs due to a longer design. (say a 24wX42L opposed to a 28wX36L, same sq footage)

Any thoughts on this?

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Your buying smaller widths and shorter lengths but your purchasing a greater quantity so I do not believe you would be saving much in material and actually the labor would probably be more as your carrying, cutting and setting more joists and rafters.

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I would also say that the layout of the rooms is more important than equality of square footage. Which one suits your needs best? Which one functions best?

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Thanks. Oddly, the 24' wide is sufficient, but would really like to widen to 28'for extra space and especially more headroom in loft, based on a 12/12 roof. The log company builds many homes at 26' wide (on 2X8 13'to each side of beam), but seems like a waste of lumber to me....would rather go right up to 28' wide. Again thinking of the same length, seems like the 28' wide will cost much more than the 24' because of larger joists and rafters. But because of the design with roof rafters 48" o.c. the 24' wide scenario does work out better mathematically.
...just thinking out loud.

thanks for the responses.

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