Need ideas for teacher presents, from another teacher

gardeningwithbabyNovember 16, 2005

Hi all,

My Dh is a teacher in a small K-12 school and last year I made hot chocolate mix to give to all the teachers. I am trying to come up with ideas of something small to give to all the teachers. We have 25 teachers total. Needs to be economical (re: cheap) I do lots of crafts, sewing, cooking and baking. Any ideas for presents would be great. I have started to do some computer crafting so that would be another idea. We also have a 2yr old and 4 month old so a quick craft would also be appreciated.


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I do a lot of laminated cards/magnets and have some teacher ones. Would you be interested in that?

First I'll have to see just what I have left as I lost a ton of files in the BIG CRASH of '05. Didn't have everything backed up.


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Yes I would be interested. I can go to school and do the lamination. Also thought of doing the candy bar cover things.


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Great that you have access to a laminator! I will look thru my files and send you some in JPG form.


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My best-est, cheapest gift was a Christmas dollar store coffee mug - with a packet of hot chocolate and a candy cane in it . (Mint chocolate - yum !) I Stuffed in the stuff that looks like Easter grass - but it's clear & irridized ... added a bow and a merry Christmas tag and - tah dah ! A wonderful take home gift !

( I went one step farther for my drinking friends - I added a teeny bottle of peppermint schnapps instead of the candy cane !) *wink*

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how about the cocoa cones, they are cute and cheap

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I sent you two files and was wondering if you ever received them.

Thanks, Carmen

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How about votive candles with a special message from you? Print the picture/words on white tissue paper, place on candle. Heat with craft heat gun and it melts a thin layer of wax that will soak the tissue paper and leave you looking at the picture/words only. Very impressive and fast once you get the hang of it. Works great with photos, too.

I do this for quick gifts.

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You are probably well aware of what YOU'D like to receive as a little gift, Stacie... your hubby no doubt has favorites, too, and probably a list of "Oh, no, not another one of THESE!" LOL!!

Here are some ideas for you...

Great Gifts for Teachers
Special Gifts Ideas for that Special Educator
Better than apples! A+ gifts for teachers
Great Gifts for Teachers

After you read through these ideas, you will see that most teachers like something they can actually use... at home or in the classroom, like a gift certificate, cookies, homemade breads, a supply of pencils, markers, a tote... Bet you'll find something that is just what your hubby would like to receive! So probably his colleagues would, too!

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Today while in my 3rd graders class, I realized I need to include a few packets of fun stickers. She was handing them out as rewards for keeping on task and/or finishing up all work.
My youngest son's Kindergarten teacher also uses stickers for a reward system.
Walmart has sticker packets for 84cents each.

Just a thought for anyone looking for some "extras" to add to a gift.
I'll be including a few dollars worth of stickers for each teacher this year.

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Stacie -
How about "We Whisk You a Merry Christmas" - $$ Store Kitchen Whisk filled with Hershey Kisses (or any other individually wrapped chocolate candy) - I did these for a Secret Santa gift a couple of years ago, and got lots of ohs & ahs over them.

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There are a couple of books out, one at B Dalton, called Gifts in a Jar. These are all types of mixes that you can make up--soups, chillis, cakes etc. Also check the Gooseberry Patch website for additonal books/booklets/ for great gifts.

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Me and my mates were looking for an original gift for our chemestry teacher. She is a wonderful person and an extraordinary teacher. And we looked a lot for something unique until I found some interesting ideas of presents on a site that I browsed for by Google. This site gave us the opportunity of turning a photo into a painting and the final painting 100% hand-made after our teacher's painting was an extraordinary surprise for her.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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