Looking for faux christmas berries

mrsgymNovember 27, 2010

I am looking for faux, loose, christmas berries. I plan to use them in a hurricane surrounding candles. Any ideas? I just spent 30 minutes pulling berries off of a christmas garland, and got about a cups worth. I'd like about 10 cups worth.

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Wow! That is a hard request, don't think I've ever seen any loose ones in Michael's or Joannes Could you substitute red marbles that are swirled. I've seen fresh berries that must be hard & only grow along East Coast or something. Mass. folks decorate a lot at their Inns etc with real ones & they look good. Could you spray paint little shell macaroni red? That might look good otherwise you will have to use just an inch in each hurricane. The craft stores have the flat marbles that are sometimes red & iridescent. They are very pretty in vase so should be nice in hurricane, friend just put single rose in vase with lot of those & really shimmer. Jan

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They were pretty pricey and bigger than the ones you probably spent 1/2 hour pulling. Maybe you should look at the berry garlands in the craft stores and see if any seem easier to pull apart.

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Try some of the dollar stores garlands to pull apart.

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would cranberries last?

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Cranberries would last if they were in a very cool room & only brought out for a luncheon or whatever. Burning the candles would make them go bad or if too hot inside the hurricanes might start cooking.~.~ !

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Did you go on line and google christmas berries?

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