Candy Theme Christmas

DogLuverNovember 20, 2005

I was wanting to do a candy theme this year for christmas. I saw garlands made of candy. I was going to use these garlands and also hang different colored candy canes for my christmas tree. I wanted to know what other things I could hang on the tree. I wanted to do a fun theme this year. I always do the traditional, elegant tree. This year I wanted it to be fun for my 3 yr old child. Any ideas you could share would be appreciated.

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Gingerbread men would be fun. There are train and airplane ornaments you can make out of candy. You could make edible cookie ornaments too.

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Here is a site with some candy ornaments including the train
and airplane mentioned by Adella.

Here is a link that might be useful: Candy Ornaments

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I have been looking for the ginger bread men. I haven't found any yet. I can't hang real cookies because I have dogs and trust me they will attack my tree. My son will too for sure!

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I had a hard time finding gingerbread men too so I improvised.

I love the shape of this one. I made one out of brown felt.

I like different looks better. Here's an image search.,GGLD:2004-40,GGLD:en&q=gingerbread%20men&sa=N&tab=wi

Here is a different post where there are a couple of candy ribbon ornaments.

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Here's an easy "Candy looking" ornament--get small styrofoam balls and lollipop sticks. Put a bit of glue on the end of a stick and push it into the ball about 1/2 inch--you are trying for the look of a Tootsie Roll Pop. Then cover the ball with a circle of Christmas print fabric (or whatever will work--about a 7-inch circle) and tie it with ribbon where the stick and ball meet. Add a length of clear thread or gold thread at the top for a hanger. Fast, easy and not terribly expensive. I would love to see a picture of your tree when it's done--it sounds like it will be gorgeous!

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I made these from the instructions (Can't remember where I got them. I also made some from kits from Mary Maxim's catalog
the two on the right are the ribbon ones

Although these ornaments resemble shimmering lengths of ribbon candy, theyÂre actually an inedible mixture of
ribbon, beads, and silk knitting tape. Hung from your
treeÂs branches or presented as gifts, these unique
embellishments are sure to be treasured for many years
to come.

Making a Ribbon Ornament

Ribbon (23-inch length, if using 1-inch-wide ribbon;
35-inch-length, if using 2-inch-wide ribbon)
TailorÂs chalk
24-inch length of 1/8-inch-thick silk knitting tape
Glass beads, 4 mm and 8 mm
Embroidery needle

  1. Beginning 1 1/2 inches in from one end of the ribbon
    (this will become the top of the ornament), make marks
    down the center every 2 to 3 inches using tailorÂs
    chalk. Continue until you reach bottom end of the
    ribbon. Trim top end of ribbon to form a swallowÂs tail.

  2. Thread the needle with tape. Using bottom few inches
    of tape, form a loop large enough to hang ornament by;
    tie a knot.

  3. Thread a large bead, then a small bead, pulling them
    down to the knot. Poke the needle through the ribbon at
    the first mark at ribbonÂs top end, and pull tape
    through. Thread a large bead, then loosely fold the
    ribbon over the bead. Poke the needle through the next
    mark, thread a small bead, and fold ribbon over again.
    Repeat with remaining ribbon, alternating large and
    small beads with each fold.

  4. When youÂve completed your folds, thread a large
    bead, then a small bead, and knot the tape just above
    the beads.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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You could make the dough for the gingerbread people with cinnamon and white glue. Smells great, but bakes hard. THen 'ici' with craft paint. Be sure to use a straw to put a hole in the top before you bake them

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My sister and I do an ornament exchange every year. She has a candy tree too. I made this one for her a couple of years ago for our exchange. I found some little tart tins, they were pretty tiny.. and I spray painted a glass ornament that would fit inside them. Then I used fabric paint as the icing.

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You could use salt dough to make cinnamon buns or another pastry looking goodie - tarts, or squares if you want to expand your them to baked goods -- if not you could use the salt dough to make chocolates and paint them to look good enough to eat. I made chocolate ornaments out of clay one year, but I had to keep picking the darn clay out my teeth...:>

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I was thinking those little Cinnamon-Ginger Smelling Ornaments.
they would Smell like Christmas Every year when you get them out.

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I once made mint candies out of red and white striped fabric. Cut your material according to the size you want them to be. It should be cut in a retangle, cut it as long as you want the mint to be around.
Sew the short ends together then hand gather and pull together like a yo yo is made. Stuff the cut edges to the inside , stuff with poly fill and then gather the top and pull together, stuff the edges inside again and make a stitch or two going through to kind of flatten.
Wrap them in clear cellophane and tie the ends with red ribbon.

I tied them on pine bough garlands

Please tell me you can make sense out of


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Here is the pattern for a necklace but I bet you could adapt it for garland for the tree

Here is a link that might be useful: Candy Necklace

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Here is another one

Here is a link that might be useful: Candy Ornament

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i just saw a tv special where they did there whole dining room walls in candy. They took huge sheets of styrofoam and cut it to what ever shapes they wanted. Some they left rectangular. They painted them and then attached tons of candy to them. they also made giant candy canes. On the walls they also used huge lollipops, on the table was a gingerbread house , cookies and candy. Defiinitely was over the top. They had a train theme, tons of colored lights, stuffed animals,dolls. teddy bears real cute!!!! Maybe you could incorporate some of this into your room. Using styrofoam candy trees. etc.

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do you ever consider making topiary trees out of clay or fake candy? gumdrop garland,the striped red/white or green/white hard candy would be cute and clay candy is easy along with clay gingerbread cookies hung on the tree along with clay butter cookies in various shaped you can dress them also with clay -- even wreaths could be made from these items,or garland with jingle bells would be easy to make.there also themed christmas lights such as gingerbread men and other novelty christmas lights.

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