I'm trying to find a way to make a hair bow

toomuchglassNovember 26, 2010

I've decided to grow my hair long . I look SO UGLY with short haircuts ! LOL Here's my problem ... My hair is so thick & straight & long - I can't just let it hang - I need to tie some of it back. I pull the top half back & fasten it. I found one bow at the dollar store that was big enough to hold all my hair. ( see pic ) No other clips will hold it . I bought the biggest bare hair clips at the craft store and wanted to try & make bows or something decorative.I'm Clueless. I'm "bow challenged" . Is there any website that you can direct me to ? Any hints or ideas ? Should I start a "donate a bow to Kathy" program ?

( LOL )

Here's a pic of the back of my head with the dollar store bow . Any ideas ?

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I'm trying to remember but I think it was about this time last year on this site that someone was making girl's hair bows. They also referred you to site that showed several kinds of bows. If I had your email address I would send you 2 that I bought to use just like you are in the pic, they are metal, 3 hearts in a row in gold antique look & 2nd 1 is silver with black in low areas, antique looking with rose in center & lacy looking on the ends. Not too big, both are about 3 1/4 in long & about 1 in or so wide. I never used them as my hair had gotten too thin they just slid off, GD & DD both have fine thin hair so they can't use them either. Would love to love them to someone who could use them. Jan

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Hi again, I emailed you so hope you get it. I have some stuff ready to send you, will help you get started. Don't expect too much, I'm going to have to mail it however I can as my car is giving me problems. I did suggest you look for kudzu's or my post on hair combs I made last fall. I couldn't put pics on so she did some for me. You would have to use hair band for that piece of hair & slip decorated comb over it. Jan

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Our Ben Franklin store and I'd think maybe Michaels have a thingie called a "Bowdabra" for making bows of different sizes. Maybe you could check that out or do a search for it.

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You don't want to use a Bowdabra for making hair bows. When making hair bows you need to be able to turn the loops and hold them in place before pinching in the center....Bowdabra won't do this. There are a lot of free tutorials on youtube. Just search "how to make hair bows" and pick a style you like to learn. Could probably find some online by doing a google search too.

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There are some very creative braids out there now. Some around here are doing a diagonal braid across the back, you could stop at the hairline and let the rest hang loose on your shoulder. I think they look great. Just a thought.

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I emailed you Jan ....... Thank you sooooo much !! Now I'm off to U Tube !!

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This is probably going to sound offensive, but I don't mean it to be. IMO, bows are for little girls. I think women shouldn't wear them.

I looked online to see if I could find some better alternatives than a bow. I haven't found much. In the summer, I think you can get away with a simple flower or two. I found a ponytail holder on a commercial site that is more simple. Something similar, but handmade would probably be very pretty in your hair. I think you could make something like this or square and rectangle shapes by using pre-cut wood shapes and covering them with fabric and embellishing or using some of the big buttons you find at craft stores. If you used a rectangle, you could attach three hearts across like was mentioned above or something simple.

I really love your long hair. My hair is thin and fine so I can't grow it out. I'm jealous of women who get to have nice ponytails.

Here is a link that might be useful: Simple circle

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No offense taken ! In a way - I feel the same way ... Bows are too "cutsie " for old ladies like me ! LOL
I spent all day searching u-tube & different sights ... everything they show is for teens & babies. I'd love to find something "artsy" and more sophisticated. You'd think with all the crafts I do - I could come up with something ! What I need to do is drag my stash of odds n ends out and play with it . Mix & Match .

PS ... Thank you for the compliment on my hair ! I never thought long hair looked good on older women . I look like a man with short hair. Maybe I can get away with it because of the color . It's striped black & grey. I've had people ask me if I dye it that way ... yeah - right -- like I'm going to dye it grey !!! LOL

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Have you thought about those pretty fabric scarf headbands? You can either tie them at the base of your head or use elastic instead. I've seen lots of ladies wearing those and they're really nice. Also, for the hair bows you could do a floppy bow. Something like this:


If this link is not allowed, I'm so sorry. I just saw this particular style and thought it might work. BTW, I have seen grown women wearing hair bows, especially the floppy style. Maybe the look is coming back for us over the age of 7?

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Oh - That floppy bow is really nice ! It's not the "perky " little bows of teens - it droops nicely .

( kinda like my boobs at my age ! LOLOLLL )
Sorry -- didn't mean to be naughty - I just couidn't resist !!!

I think I can copy that . Thanks bleigh !

( PS -- head bands won't hold my hair back - it's too thick & straight & has a mind of it's own ) But thanks for the tip ! Maybe I can make it better !

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We aren't too old for bows!! Forget the ones with bunnies & such but a solid color even with a single line of trim down the middle pulls the hair out of the way & makes it neat. Lots of women all ages use hair bows out here. I wear a bun(ponytail,wrap hair around fingers run small plain barrette to hold & pin down so it looks like I don't have any hair. So if I know someone is taking pics of me or going to DMV I make sure I have a not too floppy bow in red, navy or black so when I see the pic I don't look bald. I can braid my hair but that also can break it so just easier to wear it up. It's so fine that now that its thinner the french roll slides out, I had a donut shaped mesh thing with brown covering years ago I used & wrapped my hair around that, sure wish I'd saved it. I don't like feel of scarves, baseball cap, headband etc around my head, my sun hats last about 10 min unless wind blows them off 1st. I was kid that didn't wear a hat of any kind as a kid, long acrylic scarves that were about 15-18 in. wide were worn only to keep warm & ears & nose from freezing off. Bows are comfortable & sometimes hide my wild hair!!Tho it has a mind of its own! Jan

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That one that bleigh posted the link to looks super easy.Looks like they just took a rectangle of soft fabric,lettuced the ends,then made a small rectangle tube,and slid the big rectangle into it.Then they probably just use those blank bow clasps from the craft store to fasten it to..

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Remember the leather strip with a hole punched in each end and a wooden stick stuck thru it? Do you have someone local who makes leather belts? I bet they could make you some beautiful hair picks like those! The leather could be stamped with flowers, birds, ect. Simple. And if it tries to slide out, put that section of hair in a pony tail before using the hair pick.


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Tami has a good idea, I used to wear those and liked them a lot, you could go to a thrift shop and look for a sturdy purse and cut out squares, hearts, butterflys. whatever and put the holes in and use chop sticks through the holes. You could jazz them up with beads or paint if you wanted too..... and no, age is not an issue on what you wear unless you go GaGa.

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I used to wear them in high school ! I know exactly what you're talking about . Wow - I can't believe it -- I still have enough hair to use one! LOL

Thanks !

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I have a friend who uses beaded hair accessories instead of a bow. They look very nice with her dark hair. Not sure what the mechanical part is - clamp/comb/stick. The native American women have hair styles with this type of accessory, too. So I decided to Google Native American Hair Accessories.

Didn't look through all the results, but here's one to give you the idea.

Go here and scroll to Zuni Needlepoint Stick Barrette


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Toomuchglass, I just sent you an email. They are not hand made barretts, but I saw some today at a pharmacy and I was afraid to mention it here, in case it got this thread pulled.


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Got it Tami ! Yeah - mentioning a store might have got it pulled. All we have here are all the "....marts". Alot of them don't have the bigger clips I need for all my hair .
Like I said in my Email -- it's so cold here ,while I'm hibernating - I'll have to start creating ! LOL

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