Removing snow spray from glass ornaments

mainecoonkittyNovember 28, 2009

I've inherited some gorgeous blown glass painted Christmas ornaments from an elderly relative. They're probably at least 75 years old. The problem.....when she used them on her tree, she sprayed the whole thing with that fake artificial snow spray and they're coated with the stuff! Does anyone know what solvent will remove that fake snow stuff without using water? I tried washing a small spot on the backside of one of them and the paint came off too. Windex? Rubbing alcohol?

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Window cleaner would probably remove it but if you've washed them and it removed the paint, the window cleaner would probably remove it too. If water takes off the paint any liquid, especially something chemical, will too.

I would take a very soft brush--like an ultra soft tooth brush and try to brush it off

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try some WD 40, if it takes bugs off cars it will probably take snow off bulbs. If not try goo-gone.

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