Making an Evergreen Wreath??

amberscuNovember 25, 2008

Has anyone ever made a real evergreen wreath? I have seen so many pretty ones but do not have the $40 to buy one. I do however, have a huge tree in my front yard! I did a search on google and all I could find was how to take care of them or where to find them for sale.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

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Martha Stewart usually does a live 1. She uses a double wire wreath form & wires them around until it is full. It looks easy but sometimes when we go to do it we find out it isn't so easy. Besides the form you would need wire & wire cutters & needlenose pliers. Each bunch is about in. thick or so. Could add a few pinecones & bow also. Or some holly if you have any or add a couple of store picks or dried apple rounds dipped in cinnamon. Jan

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My grandmother use to make lots and lots and sell them to people on our mountain and I have also made them using her technique. She would use wire clothes hangers, my grandfather would shape them into circles and collect the evergreens. She would use only the limber pieces and about 8 inches of the tip would be the finishing pieces, tucking the hard end into the wreath. She used a very stout black thread and a large sewing needle. They were beautiful!

IT is a lot of work but worth it. I still use the hangers (they already have the hook to hang them up with) but use florist wire to attach them. I use mostly Leyland cypress because that is what I have most of but decorate them with boxwood, nandina and a big bow. They smell wonderful

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I did a google search and put in "make your own evergreen wreath". There were so many links to choose from. Here's one from

Here is a link that might be useful: making an evergreen wreath

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Thanks so much to everyone! It really gets me started!! When I did google, I tried "how to wreath", I never thought about using "making wreath".

I just think they look so pretty!! I found a non-traditional wreath on you tube by P. Allan Smith. It is so beautiful!!

If I can get my hubby to get out the chain saw and get me some branches, I will post a picture! He hates the tree so he might delight in taking the chain saw to it!

Here is a link that might be useful: P. Allan Smith

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Years ago when we were stationed in Rhode Island, a group of us got together and collected little new trees which grew in the woods there almost like weeds. We did the coat hanger method and they turned out so pretty. One of my fun memories from that time. Luvs

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