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minnie_txNovember 19, 2007

I saw the new COKE bottle today they are round Christmas tree balls. Empty they could be used instead of glass light bulbs for decorating.

They will probably be in a bin in the middle of the grocery store!!

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OMG those are so cute! I can see these used for lots of crafts, had heard about these but hadnt seen them, so did a search and heres a link incase you havent seen them.
Thanks for shareing minnie!

Here is a link that might be useful: new round coke bottle

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Those are pretty cute. They would probably be good for children's crafts too.

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BTW In my stores they are $1 each which is a pretty good price to begin with.

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Boy - that's unusual !! I haven't seen (or even heard ) of it ! Wow - this is a crafters dream !

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LOVE these! i grabbed some at wally world the other day! they would be perfect to make for a class room of kids or for them to fill with things as a gift for their moms....i plan to fill soem with colored sand and lil tiny items and seal the tops and give as gifts to my grands a kind of shake & discover thing....would be sweet with confetti and gem stones for the tree or pour in paint and let kids swirl it around to make an ornie and tie up with a bow...use all sorts of colros! i can't believe soemone would sell one on ebay for $3.50! man thats crazy! love this craft 'cause you can enjoy the coke and then the craft...truely a coke and a smile!

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I think I'll watch the bin. They have it so you really can't see into it without peeking over the side. Maybe they'll go on sale after Chritmas. I think we should write to Coke and tell them what a great idea it is . Kind of like the old LEGG'S egg remember those?

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FlamingO in AR

How neat! Are they glass or plastic? I wish they still made the L'eggs Eggs! Especially since the reason they stopped was to become more "green", but it turned out that over 60% of their eggs were recycled into crafts. That IS green!

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LOL We bought some,too! And had the same ideas ya'll did...something crafty from them! Got them at Walmart, .98 each. Round plastic,like a big ornament. Could be a Santa or an angel,anything:)

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