RECIPE: need a dessert using frozen fruit

tnsueJanuary 13, 2008

I was served a dessert in Nashville TN around 1980 and I can't find a recipe for it so I hope someone can help.

The only ingredients are ---

1 bag of frozen fruit & 1 carton of sherbet.

I am sure the fruit was thawed and I know they left the sherbet setting out so it would soften. I can't remember the kind of sherbet they used. They stirred the sherbet into the thawed fruit and served it with lady fingers. It was a wonderful and pretty summer dessert. I don't know how long the ice cream has to set out. I would like to serve this dessert (in FL) this week. I am not good at throwing things together and I need a formal recipe. I wish I could remember if it was pineapple or lime sherbet because I can't afford a lot of trial runs. Has anyone ever served this dessert?

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Sadly, I think your recollection is just too vague for anyone to come up with a recipe. The restaurant probably isn't around any more either, or you could google it and see if it's still on the menu.

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This recipe may help... I would bet you could make some subsittutions.

If you want a similar dessert that may go over well, try looking for recipes for Champagne Salad.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frozen Sherbet

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