magnifying lamp

mst___November 4, 2010

Hi. I've never posted on this site before but I'm hoping you can answer this question. Where can I find a magnifying lamp besides at a craft store? I need it to make jewelry. My eyes just are'nt what they use to be. Getting old is the pits. LOL.

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Maybe a catalog like Dr. Leonard's, Healthy Living-,Feel Good Store or Support Plus. The others just type in name & add .com & they should come up. I just got a whole pile of catalogs from my friend! Hope they help! Jan

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I bought mine at Office Depot. You might try there or another office supply store. Janet

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Thur stamp catalogs--like Scott or Amos. Collectors use them alot. Staples, Office Max also craft catalogs. Check JoAnns or Hobby Lobby too.

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Thanks everyone. I ended up finding one at JoAnn's. They had a promo for 1/2 off so I got a $50.00 lamp for $25.00. Made me happy. I'm glad I went there because they did'nt have them in store, just on-line.

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