matryoshka crafts do they sell?

concretenprimrosesNovember 12, 2012

I am thinking of making some matryoshka items to sell this Christmas. Namely some coloring nesting dolls to sell as a kit. (cone shaped with the head only rounded.) I would draw them and print them on nice offwhite cardstock. I would color one set as a display. I'm thinking 5 dolls on 2 sheets of cardstock. I'm kind of excited about this and have some ideas of what I want to be on the dolls dresses.

Also some ornaments. I've not decided on a design or even a medium yet. What do you think? I love them and most that I've seen, while cute, don't really fit my image.

Are they passe or still timely?

Thanks for your opinion. I'd love to hear how others have done with this type of item.


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related to this, does any one know how to print on tan cardstock so that it would not copy well? I would like to sell the coloring kits inexpensively, but not if someone is just going to make their own copies. I'm going to do a test of some brown and yellow, and maybe pale blue ink. I want them to be visible enough to be a guide but actually not only discourage copying, but allow the creative person to do their own thing.

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Do you have a photo or a link? I googled it, but only the wooden nesting dolls came up.

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the idea is the same look as the wooden nesting dolls but in different mediums. There are lots of pillows and stuffed ornaments in the blogs.

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I don't know much about what you are thinking of doing, but I do know that if you print your images on colored card stock, it will be harder to copy.

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