tortilla Warmers

lynnlynnNovember 1, 2007

Does anyone have a pattern for these? I would likt to make them but I need the directions.


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Please remember you can always do a search for previously listed topics on the front page of the forum. Try typing in "Tortilla Wamers" in the box on the front page of the forum.

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I am sorry. I was trying to do to things at once here. I didn't been pattern. I was loonking for the directions on how to use these. I was eondering if the ones that make these just sell the warmers or if they put directions on them like you do the potato bags. I am sorry. I did a search and unless I missed something I didn't see anything.


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Here is what I have came up with. DO you think this is good enough?

Always use caution when removing
Separate tortillas before placing in tortilla warmer
Use Tortilla Warmer to Heat & Serve
Never heat more than three minutes in microwave
Makes Quesadillas in 45 seconds in Microwave,place in paper towel first then in you tortilla warmer to catch any cheese that might melt out.

Tortillas can also be heated on a griddle/ comal and then placed into your La Tortilla Loca® tortilla warmer to keep them hot throughout your entire meal.
Never put the tortilla warmer in a conventional oven
Never put in contact with a flame
To Clean, wash by hand air dry

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