LOOKING for: Chocolate Dipped Raspberries

aka_raeanneJanuary 30, 2004

I had chocolate covered raspberries from a store once and they were superb. I am going to a friends house for dinner tomorrow and want to try to make some. My plan was to just use the same chocolate that I would for strawberries. Because raspberries are more delicate than strawberries, I was wondering if anyone here ever made them before and if there was anything different I should do.

I was thinking I would place a toothpick into the opening of the raspberry without puncturing it and carefully dipping it in the chocolate and then cool it on wax paper. Do you think this would work?


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I've never tried raspberries but I wonder if it might not be better to put the melted chocolate in a squeeze bottle & squeeze it onto the raspberries while they're on a waxed paper lined cookie sheet. When the chocolate hardens turn them over & cover the other side then let that side harden.

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I must be wrong. At the site below, which I've always liked, it lists raspberries as dippable on the right side under "Materials needed for dipping fruit."

Here is a link that might be useful: Chocolate Dipped

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Ginger - thank you, as always you are a wealth of information. I couldn't find anything on-line.

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I'd love to hear how this works for you. Raspberries are so delicate but I bet they'd taste wonderful & the good thing is you have to eat them in a hurry because they don't stay fresh long. Good luck!

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Ginger - I only had 1 hour to make these things and it was Murphy's Law at work. The chocolate was not cooperating and I was rushing. I was trying to submerge the entire raspberry and it was a disaster. I had to settle for dipping as much of the raspberry as possible and then spooning some over them on wax paper. I couldn't find my squeeze bottle, but I think that would have helped. I thought of two different ways of trying them next time. Yes, I am trying them again. I may sit them on a rack and squeeze chocolate all over the top and let that set and then do the other side with them sitting on wax paper. OR I may use a chocolate mold, one that is deep. Put in a little chocolate then a raspberry and cover with chocolate.

I think one of my problems was that I had to wash the raspberries and they are a lot harder to dry than strawberries, so they may have been a little moist and didn't allow the chocolate to adhere well.

Mine weren't attractive, but they were quite tasty. They were gone by the end of the night and one of my friends called this morning to see if I had anymore for him LOL.

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It sounds pretty tricky to me. I wouldn't have the patience you had & I think the rack idea is a good one. Good thing they go fast since raspberries (at least here) go bad so quickly. You have more patience than I do!

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