Does reindeer moss always smell?

pink_overallsNovember 22, 2011

I bought 3 packages of reindeer moss at the dollar store to use in a centerpiece at a club lunch 3 weeks from now. My beagle, scent hound that she is, discovered how good they smelled and when I wasn't in the room, tore all the packages apart, just to smell the moss.

That's not the problem. I cleaned it all up, and put the stuff back in bags, out of her reach. The problem is, it stinks a little. Does this stuff always smell like the beach? It's very slightly damp, but not rotten or moldy. Technically, it's lichen, the stuff that caribou eat all winter.

How can I use it as part of a centerpiece when it smells like seaweed? It's not altogether unpleasant, but it doesn't seem appropriate or appetizing. Is there a way to disinfect or hide the aroma? What do other crafters do? Should I find a substitute like sheet moss or sphagnum?

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had to laugh at the beagle... :)

how about some eucolyptus (Spelling??) to 'work with the smell"-??

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I sometimes have found it in the wild and I don't remember it having a smell like the beach. It sounds like something that happened in the processing or packaging.
I would try rinsing one clump of it in clean cold water. Don't return it to the packaging, maybe put it in a paper bag once it has mostly dried so that it can continue to dry a bit without getting brittle.
Good luck! Post a pic of your centerpieces.

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Pudge 2b

I have found that once out of the bag and allowed to air out/breathe a bit, the smell dissipates. To help this process you can stuff it into a net bag and leave it outside for a few days.

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I kinda like its earthy smell! It does seem to dissipate after being out of the bag awhile.

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The scent IS lessening. I've spread it out in the laundry room, so the air can dry it. Two weeks to go.

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I did use the moss, but I ended up spraying it with an apple-cinnamon air freshener (it seemed like the Christmas-sy thing to do), and then leaving all 9 of them in the garage for over a week.

No one seemed to notice the scent. I blogged about how I made them, in case you want to see pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: How I made the topiaries.

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That is cute and easy.

Are you trying to sell a house right now? Good luck on that.

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