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concretenprimrosesNovember 10, 2009

I used to cut things from magazines and put them in a file and I never looked at them, then I tried a notebook and I never looked at them. I found a system using old style pocket photo albums that works for me that I want to share. I posted pics and more of an explanation on my blog if you are interested:


Here is a link that might be useful: concretenprimroses blog

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May be we could use this thread to share how we save things that inspire us or that we want to do. Or any other hints about keeping our crafting lives in order. I'm experienceing crafting creep as supplies and magazine articles appear all over the house.

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Actually I put my clippings in regular file (tabbed)folders, and use a crate to hold them. Easy to drop in a clipping, and easy to pull out the folder to use. This holds a variety of information - from craft projects to painting inspirations. I mostly paint so I have my folders specifically titled, i.e. not animals, but horses, deer, etc. The plastic crate I have accepts hanging folders, so I place the file folders in hanging folders. Sometimes I may place a couple of file folders in one hanging folder if the subject matter is similar - i.e. the animal group above listed. I may have one for wild animals, with folders for big cats, birds of prey, etc.

Christmas is too large to combine, so I have separate hanging folders for Santas, Angels, Snowpeople, etc.

Kathy, your photo album idea is a good one, especially if each subject is placed in separate or divided albums!

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