craft show report 11-07 to Thanksgiving

teflonchestNovember 7, 2008

The declining gas prices allowed us to drive a little further for some of our winter fairs.

Just checking in and saying we're gonna be at the Green Living Expo in Ventura, CA to show off our green-friendly wares.

We used members calendar to plan our schedule this year and it's been great. 2009 should be even better.

Let's hear your plans for the holiday stretch run.

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Wahhhhh... I'll be a show in Santa Maria today!!! Good luck to you in youe show!!! Keeping on topic, My Freiday Farmer's Market was typical with $65 in sales. Hey, it pays for the gas for today and got an order for two more grocery cart covers for next week - yes, I got a deposit. This is the first of the actual Christmas shows. It's at a high end senior citizen home - I'm bringing lots of oldies Christmas CDs - I'm talking Rat Pack and Bing and Franky baby along with Elvis... I'll report tomorrow. Good luck to ya, sweetie and we want reports!!!

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Was set up at Del Tech, its the local community college. It's a 2 days show, last night and today. Yesterday was really slow, only sold $30. But today was great. It was raining cats and dogs all day, so I guess that gave everyone a reason to go out, since they couldn't do yard work. We ended up selling $150, got 2 great leads for a show for us to do in Dec, and we were able to brainstorm a few ideas we've been kickin around. All in all it was a great show and I'm home, exhausted and sore, but happy! Hope everyone's shows this weekend are excellent!

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Thanks so much for the site. Really helps find stuff in our area. We have alot of craft shows now, even with the snow. I sent the web site to my SIL in Ca, who said there is nothing in her area.

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Did my first craft show of the season today. It was at a local Retirement community. Did pretty good, lots better than last year at the same place!

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Went to probably the one and only craft show for me this year as there are not many around where I live. Biggest one is $90 for a spot with vendors crammed in like sardines so it all looks like one big blur...I don't do that one.
Further North in British Columbia where I used to live there were quite a lot of craft shows and I always went to a number of them through the year and did well, could usually count on $200-$300 per show which certainly made it worthwhile to leave the house...
Here it really blows - a few small ones at schools and churches that run for 3 or 4 hours.
I went to one such show yesterday. Cost was $15 for the spot, very reasonable. Quite a few vendors, about half and half homemade and stuff like Discovery Toys, Avon and Epicure, which I always find weird.
Anyway, made a whopping $11.50 for the day, sold 1 $10 dollar item and 2 75cent items...LOL. No point in being upset about it, I don't need the money I just do it cause I like to make things. Pretty darn pathetic though and I won't go back. Probably about 50 people through the craft show in 5 hours made for a rather long day...
Bought 6 knitted dishcloths at $1 each which is a great deal for those. Also bought 2 fitted sheets for my bed that have a waterproof liner sewn onto them for $40. Might seem expensive, but since I had my Ostomy a year ago I have occasional night time dryness issues, and $40 for sheets is a lot cheaper than a new bed every few
So all in all the day cost me money. But life's like that sometimes...
Suzan J

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Good going, kiddos! I am relaxing today with sales yesterday over $500. ...again the potato bags...

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