LOOKING for: chocolate jelly ring cookies??

jallyJanuary 15, 2012

This is a Q for cookie experts:

I have alot of chocolate jelly ring candies (as in Joyva Jell Rings).

Can an expert baker convert them to something similar to chocolate covered jelly-grahams?

For example, is there any easy graham cookie recipe, wherein I can form graham (or plain white cookie) dough balls,

...then press the choco-jell rings into the cookie-dough-balls,

...then bake the dough balls with the choco-jell-rings pressed into them?

Or would the chocolate/jell melt & burn while in the oven, creating a huge mess?

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I would chop them up in small pieces and add them to a cookie recipe along with a cup or so of rice crispies. Yum! I love adding and trying new things to cookie recipes. Plus I seen someone do that on chopped one time and looked delish! lol

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hey, guess what - since I last posted this, them jellies were all eaten... but your idea sounds cute!

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Yea after I hit the send button, I noticed the date! Will teach me to wear my glasses when using the computer! Lol

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