Neck tie flowers

posiehNovember 20, 2011

Has anyone seen the rosette pins made from a man's necktie?

A friend of mine makes them but lives 100 miles away and doesn't have a pattern as someone showed her how. I can't figure it out by looking at one. Does anyone have a pattern?

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I'm glad you asked about this - I had to google it to see what one looked like . I found a site that has a bunch of necktie crafts & instructions....... Maybe it has the rosette pattern . Uh-Oh .... I feel a new project coming on :)

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Get yourself a bunch of ties, and start with the ones that you like the least!
Heat up your glue gun.

I fold the skinny part of the tie in half, glue it, then start twisting and winding it around it's self, glueing every quarter turn.

I've seen the others that are more loose, and hope to try those sometimes- mine are tight, and low.

When you get twards the end, keep checking and see when the fat end of the tie will look the best, underneath, to be a 'leaf'- again, glue it down.


at least, it took me about 12 ties to feel like I had the 'feel' to it...

Here is a link that might be useful: Etsy flowers

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Might be a stupid question but what would you do with these tie flowers???

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NO question is stupid here!

Hair bows, pins, necklaces, to embellish a purse or bag or notebook, dog toy, christmas ornament, bow for a present, anyone else?

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