where to find tents

faithlovehope6November 6, 2009

I am going to do craft shows next year trying to get ready now but i need to know where to find tents that are easy to set up? or does someone have a link on how to make one easily????

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I got mine at WalMart - it was only around $80 for a 10X10. They usually have a large selection. Most sporting good stores have them also, they are getting to be a very common item in most stores. You might do some research about the craft shows you're planning to do. I've found some of them require a WHITE tent. Mine is blue! The picky ones are usually the more expensive shows to get in to and probably the better ones. I only do farmer's markets in the summer, so the blue works fine for that. The one large show I do in the summer provides your space inside a large tent. Otherwise I do only inside shows in the fall/winter.

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If you have never done shows find out the requirments, restrictions first. If inside, they may not allow tents, outside depends on weather and other things.

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I See them all the time at sporting good stores. They're 10' x 10' canopies . Good enough !

Funny you should bring up the topic . I bought an E-Z up tent years ago with the intent of doing outside craft fairs .. I never did . Now I'm selling it ....

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I do farmer's markets and just use a regular canopy top for it. It works well for that purpose because I don't need the side and I don't leave it over night.

For festivals where I have to leave my things or for the colder weather, I bought an EZ UP canopy. It is very nice because it has 4 sides and can be completely closed up. I got mine for $200 at Sams Club. I was a good investment even though I only do 2 outside festivals.

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I have been at the markets for 25 years now - started with a round table and an umbrella - I have been thru all the Wal-Mart/Big 5 canopys - save your money - they fall apart with a year. I bought a Caravan 6 years ago and hsve never regretted it - you can replace every nut and bolt in it. You have to duct tape and wire the others. I have never had anything go wrong but I have washed the top several times. It can be purchased at Costco $200 out the door or $240 delivered to your door... Yes, it is more but you get what you pay for - oh, it also includes four zipper sides. I do 2 - 3 shows a week-end - I recommend it to everyone...

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I agree. The good canopies are worth every penny. We were doing a show last year and an exhibitor was getting out of the business and retiring. Her Craft Hut was 8 years old and she announced she wanted to sell it that weekend so she wouldn't have to take it home. The bidding started and the final bid was $600 cash money. She said she paid $800 for it and so it was a great investment.

I paid $700 for my KD Canopy in 1987 and have done over 350 outdoor shows with it. Again, a great investment in my business.

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Yep, Chris - newbies buy the $80 special and within a month, they are having to jury-rig it to keep it together... I try to get those who are serious to get a professional canopy - they just look better - I even have banners that I use in the summeertime that are elevated just above the canopy to advertise my two top sellers - brings them in and paid for themselves within a month.

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I agree if you are going to do this on a full-time basis (i.e. lots of shows) or live in a windy area, invest in something good. But if you're like me and only do 4 or 5 outside markets per summer, or are just getting your feet wet with shows to test the market, the $80 "cheapie special" is perfect. I take special care putting it up and down and take good care of it and even after a few years it is in like-new condition. It has served its purpose well for me!

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Glad it works for you - I was just trying to save her some money and headaches in the long run - she said she would be doing craft shows this next year - why handicap her with an inferior piece of equipment?

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