More Spoon Pendants

kudzukweenNovember 28, 2007

I've made a few more from silver-plate spoons, the handles I made bracelets out of. I love making these pendants,creating the pictures inside a small spoon!

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Wow! Those are beautiful!!! Wow again! What did you put on them that makes them look like glass? Excellent!

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Very nice work! Are those decoupaged?

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Oh, very nice! I bet folks do a double-take when they see them and finally realize it's part spoon!

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instructions please - although I am thinking without pictures, maybe small mosaic or even just plain.

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I've never seen them before!! very lovely!!!

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Thank you all for the nice comments:) It's called Clear Cast,I bought it at Hobby Lobby for about $20(then %40 off that).(Remember you can go to their web site and print out a coupon) It's a 2 part process,the resin you mix with a catalyst(included) and then you work quickly to pour them into the bowl of the spoon to hold your objects in. You can do it in different levels,to make objects appear to "float".You have about 20-30 minutes to work with it. Instructions are on the can,and you can go to their web site. I don't know how it would look if you didn't put any objects in it,just a clear spoon. A mosaic might look nice,though. I create little scenes,glueing them if I have to,adding pieces of broken jewelry and old greeting cards,a little glitter,pressed flowers, I even used blue Easter grass on one. I used some sequins,but it seems to eat the silver off the back of those,but there must be some way to keep it from doing that. I didn't do multi layers, I glued some things to a bead,to raise them up higher. It's very easy to do,and very popular around here. And of course,you have the handles to make bracelets from :)My husband bought me a small bolt cutter, I use to cut the handles off,much easier to do if it is silver plate. Then pliers to curl it under to hold a ribbon. Or you could drill a hole and put a jump ring for the ribbon. Again,much easier to work with silver plate than stainless, I couldn't drill or curl those! Here is the other pic again,with bracelets made from the handles :)

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These are wonderful! I make cast resin pendants all the time, but I have never seen them done with spoons, I've always used the molds! Those really are great! I may have to try it, since I also make recycled silverware windchimes, I have plenty of spare spoons hanging around!

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Very nice I have a thing for old spoons as well!! Thanks so much for sharing. I love making the bracelets.


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I know about clear cast but your things are really stunning thanks so much for the pictures.

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Oh, My Goodness !!!!!!Pretty is as pretty does, so you must be beautiful !!!!These are making me want to search the Thrift Stores ! Thank you for the Post !

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Are the bracelets half spoon and half chain or is that silver tube beads?

My DH bought me a package of cutting discs for my dremel slices right through the silverware.

I have eight gold plated forks I got at the thrift store for 99¢ I thought they might make pretty braclets. I use two handles attached end to end with a charm and a crystal bead. and the braclet findings at the cut ends. But the forks are quite plain with a fancy edge. I was thinking of painting a small rose on each end...but I'm not sure it would stay. I don't know what to seal it with, to keep it on there.

I love the spoon necklaces. I hate waisting any of the spoon.

I've got four cousins I need to get a braclet finished for. Our Christmas party will be the 11 of Dec.


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I haven't seen anything like these either. They are absolutely gorgeous!!

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Thank you all again! :) I saw these on the internet,so it's not my idea :) The ones I saw had different things in it,I used more Victorian type things,that's what I had, except a few fairies,and one with tiny rubber bands in it. I used sterling silver plated chain,and beads on head pins. At the end of the chain I put these cute little "made with love" charms I found at Michaels. Patti,I see they have gold chain that would match the gold forks,and gold charms. I have 2 silver watches I plan to make spoon bracelets with,my DH bought me those magnetic clasps,with 2 silver,and 2 gold in the package. And again,thank you all for the wonderful compliments. I bought a whole tray of silver plate at a yard sale for $2, and I think this was the perfect thing to use them for. I do wish I knew how to make those cool bracelets from the forks, it looks like the fork tines are laced together. I also am trying to figure how to make the fork look like a hand,with the index finger pointing and the rest curled,but so far I've made two,and both seem to look like obscene gestures :) I have a lot of fork ends left! I also made lapel pins from the handles of some spoons,that were badly damaged. I cut them short,and glued a pin back on with E6000,and some I glued on porcelain rosebuds and beaded fringe,and some I drilled a hole and added a jump ring with a heart charm that you could add a bead to. I wish I had the hollow knife handles,to make lapel pins to hold a real flower :) I also have a lot of knives, and I've seen cute angels,but I can't figure out how to make those,either!

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Just Beautiful! Have seen different things made useing the spoons but nothing as beautiful as yours! will have to give it a try soon! I can see lots of possibilitys here, thansks for shareing how you make yours, and your beautiful photos!

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Here is a link for a heart you can make with the spoons

Im not sure how they do it...I'm thinking solder. You can see how they cut two spoons at an angle and solder or something them together.

I want one.

I emailed this through your page but I don't think you got it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you Patti :) That's beautiful! I wonder how they do that? I'll show my DH when he gets back from CA. He's been gone a week,that's how I got so much done!! lol It looks so smooth. Is it silver or silver plate? Or stainless?

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Kween, those are amazing!

sre some of those paper pictures and type on paper? They are beautiful!

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Luv Luv them!!!!!!

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Wow Kudz! Those are beautiful!
You are so!!!!


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Sorry, I just noticed there was another question! I used greeting cards and cut out the letters.And found pictures on the net,and typed out words. But I did find out the hard way that if I just printed a pic on plain paper it became transparent, so after that I glued them to cardboard. I made one for my daughter of band memorabilia, I used an old Metallica ticket of hers,and it became almost invisible, I hope it doesn't upset her too much. I put in a Misfits button and a tiny strip from the Misfits movie of the stars names,and a bracelet she made when she was a little girl that had metal beads with her initials on it,and a red heart,and a small piece of fishnet stocking,lolol! and a moon charm--for celestial,her name is Celeste.....and she has a moon and sun tattoo,too. Red rhinestones in silver settings and black glitter and some silver glitter, and a black rhinestone spider that came off her old bobby pin:) I made LilithMoonbeam one with a fairy :) It's the one to the left of the Misfits one.and the one to the right is for my sister. It's got a lot of peridot in it,and an M I cut off of a Cozumel silver spoon. The tiny ones are souvenir spoons I bought at the flea market,sterling plate. You can see I used some of the same pictures more than once :)

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Kuds, I love these spoons. I would like to ask a question if you don't mind, would you be able to print the letters on ink jet transparency or vellum so the white of the paper doesn't show - or is it the white of the paper that shows off the letters? These are truly wonderful and I bet everyone is thrilled to get them. I have only painted on spoons and have never tried cutting them - it is hard enough to just get a hole drilled in, I can't imagine cutting thru that metal. Great job.

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These are really wonderful!!

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I have no idea,lol! I don't have any to try that out:) I do know they will completely disapear sometimes,like my daughters concert ticket. I didn't expect that since it's almost like cardboard. I'm using silver plate, so it's not hard to cut with anything, BUT my husband bought me some bolt cutters and they've been great. It cuts stainless great,too, but I did get some quality stainless that was a little hard to cut,and way too hard to drill through.

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Very beautiful !

Here is a link that might be useful: sterling silver pendants

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Janerous - this is NOT the place to place your ads... I see that you registered today - shame on you - read the rules!

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This thread is fascinating! Just wondering if any of you are still around and could post pic's, as the originals aren't available any more.


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Hi...I'm still around and I'll re-post. I made new albums on photobucket and moved everything ...sorry :)

Here is a link that might be useful: things I made album

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Hi Everyone.... I am a newbie to this site but, I sooooo love all the great ideas and the sharing. This spoon pendant is wonderful... Is there a post that you tell how to make them? My Name is Ro and I do various crafts. I and making fabric purses for Christmas gifts along with a couple of quilts that have been requested. Eventually I will post some pictures of crafts I have completed. Thanks for all the great info!!!!!!!!!!!

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