First floor plan...comments please!

wheelerlnDecember 11, 2012

Hi all...I think we finally have our final plans done. Its been a long time coming. I wish I would have done this a long time ago because from reading other posts i think there is some incredibly great feedback on this forum.

Thanks in advance!

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I don't usually post on this forum because I'm not knowledgable enough to offer much advice. I will say I really like your plan. One of my personal dislikes is having closet access right off the master bathroom, so I really like the way yours is laid, except for the double doors. They might be a hindrance to access to the closet or bath. Personally, I also like having a half bath near the mudroom. But that's what suits our family. Good luck with your build. Don't forget to post your kitchen plan on the kitchen forum.

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Yes, i agree. We've talked about not having double doors because we simply thought they were unnessary. But we also think the larger opening might assist in getting woodstove heat back there. But i definitly see your point on that. Thanks!

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Yes, i agree. We've talked about not having double doors because we simply thought they were unnessary. But we also think the larger opening might assist in getting woodstove heat back there. But i definitly see your point on that. Thanks!

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What is the little line coming out of the wall between the bathroom and smaller front bedroom? Is that a pocket door (into the hall)? I'm curious about your plan there.

I honestly don't know, if I were sick in the night and needed a toilet quick, which would be faster--winding through the m. bath to get to the toilet room, or going to the hall bath. The M. toilet is really far from the room, and also not at all an easily navigated route. You'll always need to make sure the shower door is closed, etc, etc. Make sure you are ok with that.

And, I think you need to take your kitchen layout to the kitchen forum. I think you have a good space there, but the layout is definitely lacking. The stovetop is in a dangerous location, the fridge appears to not be in an easily accessed area, etc. They will be able to help you out there (with a larger picture--this one is too tiny).

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I can't see all the figures and notes, but I have a couple comments:

Either your kitchen is small or your dining room is huge. Are you sure this is an okay proportion?

Double doors into the master bedroom -- Consider the light switches. Either your light switch is placed behind the door, or you have to walk fully into the room before you can touch the light switch. Either way, it's a problem.

Your tub will be impressive-looking, but are you going to like walking up those steps to get into it?

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I can't read the dimensions, but your master suite seems out of proportion with the rest of the house. The master bedroom is larger than the great room, and the master closet is basically the same size as secondary bedroom.

Have you experimented with furniture placement on your plan? I think either your master bedroom is going to be cavernous, or the rest of your house is going to be way too small.

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Sophie Wheeler

Steps to a tub are a HUGE safety hazard. HUGE. The only way that it's ever recommended is if a non slip coating is applied to them and you have several grab bars that are easy to access.

An island cooking zone is a lot more expensive and difficult to construct than one against a wall. With 70% of the time spent in the kitchen devoted to prep, it's also a false way of accomplishing sociability in the kitchen> Better to devote an island to prep only with the cooking zone a quick pivot and turn away.

The breakfast area is too small and the dining area is too large and too far. Then you have seating at the island too. Better to have a single more versatile eating area that can expand and just the casual stools at the island than to have 3 places that don't work well for any of the eating functions.

If you've got enough room for the angled garage, then you have enough room to do a side load garage. That will be a MUCH more attractive look.

There's a lot of wierd space wasting awkward angles in the master that don't add anything to the functionality and just cost you money. And the closet is as big as a bedroom. The whole master area occupies way too much space proportionately for the amount of time it's actually occupied --and you're asleep.

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I apologize about the poor quality picture. All the dimension lines do make it a little confusing, especially since they're not readable. That's what that little line is sticking out between the bath and small bedroom, an extension of a dimension line.
Consider the steps to the bathtub gone. To be honest, my wife and I didn't realize that's what they were. But we agree that they are unnecessary and dangerous. No steps. We'll add storage, or my wife thought a vanity next to the window.
Also, our shower is large enough (we're also thinking of shrinking that a bit) not to have a door, so we won't have to go around that to get to the toilet.
We've done a lot of virtual furniture placements, and measuring stuff out. We're actually pretty happy with the relative dimensions of everything. What we're mostly concerned with, however, is not getting the kitchen layout the best it could be, and any other nuances we may have missed (i.e. the bathtub steps, master double doors).

The original plans called for a side load garage. But there are a couple of large redwood trees on that side that we'd like to keep, so we decided to move the doors to the front.

Thank you everyone for your great comments! They are MUCH appreciated!

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I would be concerned about your kitchen too. And, I do suggest you take your kitchen dimensions to the kitchen forum and get feedback there. They are really amazing.

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Re: the kitchen layout specifically:

I dislike angled islands like the one shown.
I would put the range where the sink is located.
It will be easier to ventilate the range if it's on an exterior wall.
Put in a rectangle island with a sink in the island.

Are the angled walls by the master suite necessary? Seems to create alot of awkward spaces.

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In the kitchen, I agree with PPS, but I also think the refrigerator needs to move (if it where I think it is--the lower wall). If you had an island instead of a peninsula, it is possible it would be okay where it is at, but with a peninsula, everybody going to get a drink will need to walk passed the stove/cook zone. That just isn't a safe option. But, definitely the stove should be out of the island/peninsula.

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Agree the kitchen needs work, I'd definitely want the cooktop on the wall. what direction does the house face? what if you swapped the great room and dining room? dining room leading to backyard seems better to me (grilling) and if the great room faced south you'd have good sun in there all year. what's the total sq ft? two stall garage, two br on main any concern for resale?

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