Will this be a future problem? Fireplace question.

drewemDecember 21, 2012

The builder cut out the windows for either side of the gas fireplace. They must have forgotten to actually order the windows.

The gas fireplace is already framed in the wall. The window holes have been there since 12/15. It has rained, it has snowed, it is windy.

Should I assume there has been water or other damage to the gas fireplace? It has the normal cardboard cut out in the front. What should I do?

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Is there any visible and obvious damage? Discuss with your builder and let him know that if the fireplace is inoperable or doesn't function properly, you will expect him to replace it at his expense.

Unfortunately, this sort of weather issues are not uncommon.

Good luck with your project.

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"Should I assume there has been water or other damage to the gas fireplace? "

No, you should go see if there is water or other damage.
Assume nothing.

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LuAnn, I have seen it in person. There is cardboard covering the fireplace. I cannot see beyond it. That is why I was asking. It does not look wet, but with open window holes on either side there is the possibility.

I know exactly what the builder will say. Oh it is fine. You have a warrenty. That is why I wanted an unbiased opinion. Fireplace stores are not helpful.

Thank you for your response vigil. No visible or obvious damage as of yet, but it has been exposed since the 15th.

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